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Slow typing...

After 25 years... I was chatting with my classmate -my childhood crush online. She asked me why am I typing so slow. I said because my other hand isn't free.
She's not replying anymore.
Lesson learnt
-Never smoke while texting..

Teacher to Student: Why are you late?

Student: Because of the sign on the road.
Teacher: What type of sign?
Student: The sign that says, School Ahead, Go Slow.

He was smoking and talking to his old classmate online.

She asked, why he was typing so slow, and he said, because my other hand isn't free.
She is not replying anymore.
Lesson learnt.

Me and my buddy Jack got a job at a warehouse...

Things got slow and the boss called me into the office.He told me that he was going to have to either lay me or j**.... I told him to j**.... He's not my type.

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