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  1. What do you call a fear of over-engineered buildings? A complex complex complex
    Credit to some guy named Slow Poke on YouTube
  2. Courtesy of my five year old son... What do you get when a turtle and porcupine have a baby? A slow poke!

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  1. What do you call a turtle with a hard on? -A slow poke.
  2. What do you call a porcupine riding a turtle? A slow poke.
  3. What do you get when you cross a turtle with a porcupine? A slow poke
  4. What do you call a mix between a turtle and a porcupine? A slow poke
  5. What do you call two turtles doing it? A slow poke
  6. What do you call a pornstar that comes in last place in the 100 meter dash? Slow poke.
  7. What do you call a dim witted h**...? A slow poke.
  8. What do you call a turtle with an e**...? A slow poke!
  9. How do turtles have s**...? Slow poke

Slow Poke Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A man was walking by a tall wall surrounding a hospital, what he thought was an insane asylum. He heard low voices moaning and groaning and saying, "61...61...61..." over and over again. It was odd and unsettling. It was a bit creepy. And he wondered what the heck was going on behind those walls. His pace slowed as the voices got a little louder and more organized...
"61! 61! 61!"
He noticed a small beam of light coming out of a small hole about waist high. It was his chance to see what was happening.
As he bent over and peered into the hole, a stick poked through it and jabbed him right in the eye.
"OUCH!" he shouted, as he fell back on his behind.
The voices then happily started shouting, "62! 62! 62!"

Insane asylum

on his short walk from work to home Jared has to pass by a mental institution. Although it is completely blocked off by a brickwall he sometimes hears the patients enjoying their time outside.
One day while passing the asylum Jared heare a slow steady chant from the inmates.
"Four.. four.. four..four..four..four.."
Both suprise and curious Jared starts searching the brick wall for a crack so he can see why they are chanting when by luck he finds a decent sized hole in the wall.
He bends down, closes one eye, leans forward to peer inside, and a finger comes out and pokes him right in his eye!
He falls back in suprise and pain and the inmates start chanting "Five..five..five..five".

A few fresh snails

Tom's wife was hosting a dinner party for some of her close friends, at their summer home. Moment's before the guests were scheduled to arrive, she asked Tom if he would be ever so gracious to walk a block down some fresh snails for the party.
On his way to the beach he passed the local bar, and figured he'd stop in for a quick drink before heading down to the beach to search for the snails. One drink lead to the next, and before he knew it, it was 5:00 in the morning and he hadn't gotten his wife those snails.
Quickly he hurried down, picked up a few snails, rushed home, and stumbled up the front steps, dropping the snails. At that moment, his wife angrily opened the door asking him where he had been and how he had ruined her party.
Tom, looked towards the snails and said C'mon you slow pokes! Just a few more steps and we're there!