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Funniest Slot Short Jokes

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  1. My coworker just found out she won't be able to attend next week's Innuendo Conference… I guess I'll have to fill her slot instead.
  2. 10% of european babies are conceived on an IKEA bed. So, be sure to follow the instructions.
    Put Peg A into Slot B, and then screw until the nuts tighten.
  3. Doctor: Ok let's start with the good news Doctor: Your son will always find an available parking slot.
  4. My colleague can no longer attend next week's seminar on innuendo... Now I have to fill her slot...
  5. Parking slots are just like women You can slip into the disabled ones when nobody's looking.
  6. Prostitutes and slot machines are sorta alike... They're fun to play with until they take all of your money
  7. Innuendo My girlfriend couldn't go to the annual innuendo congress, so I had to fill her slot.
  8. My friends asked me, "Why did i book my slot for exam on 14th Feb" I replied "That's the only date, I got"
  9. I tried to stuff a football into the coin slot on the vending machine... It just gave me my quarterback.
  10. Marriage is a lot like playing the slots... At first, you hit the jackpot, but the more money you pour into it, the more you wish you had quit while you were still ahead.

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Slot One Liners

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  1. What is an Italian's favorite casino game? Penne slots.
  2. What do you call it when you make fun of someone's gambling addiction? Slot shaming.
  3. I crossed a slot machine with a hyena... when it took my money it just laughed at me.
  4. Why are slot machines bad luck? Because you can't gamble with your life in Las Vegas.
  5. Why couldn't Robert Plant play the 25 cent slot machine? No quarter
  6. I love Spanish shelves that have a one-slot bracket They're riel simple
  7. In which slot of a vending machine can you find a non-cancerous tumor? B9.
  8. I wanted to be a s**... casino for Halloween.. ..but I was afraid I'd be slot-shamed.
  9. What sound did the slot machine make when the Chinese person won the jackpot? Cha-c**...!

Slot Machine Jokes

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  • A s**... bomber goes to Las Vegas to try his luck at the slot machines.... ....he hit the jackpot, and now he's all over the place.
Slot joke, A s**... bomber goes to Las Vegas to try his luck at the slot machines....

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A sloth named Herman is walking through the forest one day.

A gang of snails approach him and beat him up. Herman is left at the bottom of a tree with several cuts and bruises. Several hours later he gathers up enough strength to go to a local police station. Herman walks into the Sergeant's office.
"What happened to you? the officer asks.
"A gang of snails beat me up," Herman replied.
"Can you describe what they looked like?"
"I don't know," the sloth says. "It all happened so fast."

So a sloth got robbed by 3 turtles...

When the cops asked him what happened the sloth said,
It. all. happened. so. fast.

How did the sloth become President of the tree?

He slept his way to the top.

A man sees his wife taking a......

cucumber from the fridge. Being the gentleman that he is he offers to slice it up for her. She turns to him with a look of disgust on her face and says, 'what do you think I am, a slot machine?'

A Mothers Secret

A mom was teaching her 4 year old son to zip up his jacket.
The secret, she explained, is getting the little straight piece all the way into the little slot before you pull up the zipper.
Her son looked up at her and said, Mom, why does that have to be a secret?

How does a sloth hang itself?

By trying to jump rope.

A sloth was robbed by 2 turtles

Sloth robbed by 2 turtles. Cop asks if he could describe the assailants. Sloth replies, "It all happened so fast."

What did Sloth say when he found gold?


iPhone 7 is revolutionary!

•no headphones jack
•no wireless charging
•no curved screen
•no 4K resolution (or even full HD) screen
•no VR headset support
•no 360 camera support
•no expansion storage slot
It is true revolution in scamming people to upgrade from old iPhones!

A sloth was walking through the jungle one day when he was set upon by a gang of vicious snails.

The snails left him bleeding and confused at the bottom of a tree. Several hours later he summoned the strength to go to the police station and report the assault.
He was asked by the desk sergeant to describe his attackers. He replied, I don't know what they looked like, it all happened so fast.

Gambling in Vegas

My friend came back from Las Vegas once. He told me the slot machines are easy to win big at. He went to town in a $20,000 Nissan, left in a $360,000 Porsche.
I thought "nice, I'm going to get in on that." So I left for Vegas in my $30,000 Toyota. Came back in a $800,000 vehicle.
A Greyhound bus.

A sloth goes to a bar to get drunk.

After a long time and a lot of drinks the bartender asks the sloth why he is there.
The sloth replies, "I'm depressed, my wife is leaving me. I bet she's already halfway through the kitchen."

Why did the sloths vote to keep the coal mines open?

Because when it comes to energy they're conservative.

A man driving to the store finds no place to park...

He sees an empty parking spot and eagerly drives his car into the slot, paying no attention to the "Customer Only" sign. When he comes back, his car has disappeared. He storms into the bank, where he demands to know where his car went. The banker looks straight into his eyes and whispers "I towed you so."

Why are sloths so fascinating?

You'll almost always find one InTreeResting.
.....I'll just see myself out.

A couple move to Nevada and the husband hits it big at the casino

He rushes into his house and yells to his wife,
"Pack up your things. I just won a million dollar slot machine jackpot!"
The wife replies, "Shall I pack for warm weather or cold?"
The husband responds, "I don't care. Just so long as you're out of the house by noon."

Why is the sloth trying to cross the road?

Becau- *SPLAT*

You let a sloth give you gonnorhea?!

*slow clap*

A sloth got robbed by two turtles...

A sloth got robbed by two turtles. When the police questioned him about it he said, I don't know. It all happened so fast.

A sloth walks into a bar

Well actually, I got ahead of myself, it's still walking there...
This is taking longer than I expected...
Never mind, I'll finish the joke when the sloth finally gets here.

Sloth gets mugged

A sloth gets mugged by three turtles. At the police station the cop asks him if he got a good look at the muggers. The sloth replies "I don't know, it all happened so fast".

What do sloths and depressed people have in common?

Both hang from the tree


A woman is on vacation in Las Vegas, playing the slot machines. It's her first time in a casino, so she asks a casino employee, "How does this work?" The worker shows her how to insert a bill, how to hit the spin button, and to operate the machine's release handle. "And where does the money come out?" the woman asks.
The casino employee smiles, motions to the far wall, and says, "Usually at the ATM."

A sloth walks into a bar

The bartender says you better order soon. Last call is in 3 hours

Why do we not eat sloths in the US?

Because it's not a fast food

Slot joke, Why do we not eat sloths in the US?

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