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Funniest Sloppy Short Jokes

Short sloppy jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The sloppy humour may include short soggy jokes also.

  1. C and C++ walk into a bar... After a few hours, C gets sloppy drunk and spills its drink all over C++. Outraged, C++ shouts, "good God C! Have you no class??"
  2. My First Time, so cut me some slack What do you call a Sloppy Joe with Mystery Meat?

    Sloppy John Doe!
  3. Being married is like peeing in your pants... At first it's nice and hot, but then it just gets sloppy and uncomfortable.
  4. I keep getting called gay while eating sloppy burgers... Cant help it I love Five Guys in me!
  5. My girlfriend was unhappy that I referred to her as sloppy seconds but she was even more unhappy with Lady Leftovers
  6. Lasagne is the GILF of foods... ...It's got culture and good taste, but down below its just a sloppy cheesy mess.
  7. A r**... looks at a Mexican right in the eye and says, "how does it feel to marry my ex wife and have my sloppy seconds?" "not bad," replies Juan,"after 2.5 inches deep she felt brand new"

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Sloppy One Liners

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  1. If you… …use tequila instead of ground beef, it's called a Sloppy Jose.
  2. What's a cannibal's favorite sandwich? A Manwich Sloppy Joe
  3. Hitmen are just like any other artist... You don't want sloppy execution
  4. When you get sloppy seconds and get her pregnant. You get a sloppy Joe.
  5. What do you call a "Sloppy Joe" sandwich made of venison? Sloppy Doe.
  6. What happen to careless Joe who fall into the grinder? He becomes sloppy Joe
  7. why is Putins work sloppy? He's always Russian
  8. Is your mother's name Josephine? Cuz I had sloppy joe's for dinner last night.

Sloppy joke, Is your mother's name Josephine?

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Cutting down personal expenses

The business man was worried about his personal finances after a few sloppy years and thought to himself that he'd better start cutting down on private expenses.
Therefore he turned to his wife and said:
"Honey, if you could learn to cook and clean, we wouldn't need our household services."
The wife replied: "Sure. And if you could learn to satisfy me, we wouldn't need the gardener either."

Why did the drummer's girlfriend leave him?

When they started dating she loved his sloppy enthusiastic b**... but he joined a band and started getting more serious about it, and eventually - while he was very good - it would just be the same repetitive thing every night.

My college professor messed up our finals and gave it to us out of order

I asked him why he was so sloppy with his organization, but he didn't have a response.
I recommended getting a stapler. When he asked me why bother, I told him "Well, it's a staple in every test."

Being dyslexic is a huge problem as a female pornstar recruiter.

Everytime I ask people to send me their videos on a physical format, they come to my office and give me sloppy d**....
When I complain they tell me, "Can't you just let US B."

Sloppy joke, What do you call a "Sloppy Joe" sandwich made of venison?