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Funniest Slogan Short Jokes

Short slogan jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The slogan humour may include short tagline jokes also.

  1. Did you hear what NASA's new slogan will be once their budget is cut? "NASA: The Sky's The Limit"
  2. I get that the #me too movement is supposed to be empowering... But they could've picked a better slogan than PoundMeToo
  3. Back in the day Oklahoma use to have a slogan Oklahoma is OK! , you know why it was just OK? Because they couldn't spell mediocre.
  4. I wanted to become a professional sperm donor I already had my slogan ready: "Wait till you get a load of this guy!"
  5. There's a new burger chain that's going after Burger King… To one up Burger King they called their new restaurants Burger God.
    Their slogan is Have it Yahweh
  6. Apple is advertising the new iPhone as "The most powerful four inches ever." I can't believe they stole my slogan.
  7. Do you know why Oklahoma's state slogan is "Oklahoma is OK"? Because they can't spell "mediocre".
  8. A guy opens up a bakery specializing in pies. He calls it Fool's Gold Bakery. The slogan is We do Pyrite.
  9. What was the slogan for Shakespeare's camping shop? Now is the winter of our discount tents
  10. What's the slogan for Orion's Pizza? OP delivers.
    Not a great joke, but my wife claims no one will get it. I am trying to prove her wrong.

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Slogan One Liners

Which slogan one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with slogan? I can suggest the ones about motto and slang.

  1. Thought of a great slogan for a construction company.. We screw, we nut, we bolt.
  2. A group of cannibals started a potluck.... Their slogan is "Bring a friend."
  3. What was Hitlers campaign slogan? Gotta catch them all...
  4. Missouri's new travel slogan. Missouri Loves Company
  5. Canada's immigration centre has a new slogan You'll be sorry
  6. New Subway slogan idea from Jared 12 is the new 18
  7. If Mr. Miyagi was a plastic surgeon, what would his slogan be? Racks on, racks off.
  8. What is the slogan for Burger King in Israel? Have it Yahweh
  9. The slogan of a televangelist "God will grant you all the money I need"
  10. California's new slogan is... "When they go low, we get high"
  11. "Don't let your inner child die!" could be a slogan for an anti abortion campaign.
  12. Ronald McDonald runs for president. His slogan? Make America's Weight A Gain.
  13. A good slogan for a brothel would be.... The customer always comes first.
  14. Whats the Slogan for every I.T. Department in America? "Mmmm. Move Over."
  15. The euthanasia clinic finally found a slogan Kill them with kindness

Company Slogan Jokes

Here is a list of funny company slogan jokes and even better company slogan puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • If Karl Marx made a contraceptive company Would it's slogan be seize the means of reproduction?
  • Slogan idea for a Braille company Loads of high quality Braille products,
    many of which you've never seen before!
  • A company makes their painkillers into candy... Their new slogan is: "We take the pain out of painkillers!"
  • Wu Tang started an over coating company their slogan is "protect ya deck!"
  • what is Ceasar's slogan for his advertising company? Ceasar sell ads
  • Did you hear DMX started an information technology company? It has a pretty aggressive slogan... X gonna give IT to ya!
  • What's the slogan for a jewish shoe company? Just jew it.
  • What was the anti-aging makeup company's slogan? Make America 8 again
  • "Don't kid yourself" ...would be a great slogan for a c**... company...
  • Foundation repair company with slogan Crack w**...... "We fill any crack"

Condom Slogan Jokes

Here is a list of funny condom slogan jokes and even better condom slogan puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • I want to start a line of camouflage condoms The slogan will be * You'll never see them coming! *
  • I wanna make SourPatch condoms a thing, but I don't think it'd turn out to well. Mostly because of their slogan "sour, sweet, gone".
  • New slogan for camo-pattern condoms They'll never see you coming
  • Hear the slogan for the Stealth c**...? "They'll never see you coming."
Slogan joke

Slogan joke

Laughable Slogan Jokes for Instant Grins & Giggles

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The estate of Charles Dickens is too make alcoholic beverages from the apples on their land

The slogan is "All the girls love a Dickens Cider"

I'm opening a new grocery stores named Organic Food Mart...

Our slogan: "We sell only the best carbon-based foods."

I want to open a pizza restaurant

and call it OP Pizza. So our slogan can be "OP Delivers" or "You down with OPP?"

Victorinox, the makers of Swiss Army knives, recently branched out into the medical supply business after developing a universal tool fit for every hospital ICU.

Their marketing slogan: "For all intensive purposes."

Study finds Washington state residents consumed 175 metric tons of p**... in 2013 (real news)

As a result, the state is changing it's slogan to "Whoa Dude."

North Dakota's unveiled its anti-drug slogan on SNL:

"c**... - We Cracked It"

Was driving to work this morning and saw a pluming truck with the best slogan ever. Had to share...

J&S Plumbing: Because sometimes a flush is better than a full house.

The Olive Garden

I was asking the waitress at the Olive Garden about their Slogan 'When you are here, you're Family'?
Then I asked her if I could borrow 50 dollars or some power tools that I promised to return with no real expectations of ever returning them.
I bet she talked bad about me after I left, because that's what families do.

Mexican Hippie Slogan

We love everyjuan!!

2020 Presidential Campaign Slogan

"A Clear Vision for America"

German scientists have discovered a new drug, derived from the bacteria *Adolfus hitlerii*, which will be applied to people with ADD.

Its ad campaign will carry the slogan "It helps Jew concentrate"

I saw the last perfume made by Internet Explorer .

I was fascinated by the slogan : " use it today, smell it tomorrow"

Slogan for a s**... Bank Advertisement

"You squeeze it, we freeze it!"

What was the blacksmith's slogan?

"Shop here! You'll be Gladius you did!"

An ambitious Chinese man named Hoo Ming wanted to run for president. He understood the problems that Americans faced every day and so he wanted to show everyone he planned to solve it by making it his slogan...

Hoo Cares!

What is Jeb Bush's campaign slogan?

Third time's the charm

Well, the rock star decided to settle down and become a fisherman

His new slogan is, "Come down to Bon Jovi's Anchovies!"

With his campaign struggling, Ben Carson seeks to appeal more to a mainstream and humanize himself with a new campaign slogan...

Once you go black, you never go back.
Carson 2016

Why is Diego's slogan "Go Diego Go"

It was the last thing his mother said before she got shot by the border patrol

I heard that Bill Clinton threw his support behind Bernie Sanders

He misheard. He thought the campaign slogan was *Feel the Intern*.

I've always wanted to own a f**... home....

With the slogan, "We love it when business is dead."

What was Adolf h**...'s campaign slogan?

*"auschwitz the old, in with the Jews!"*

Donald Trump has a new slogan that he hopes will help his numbers with African American voters.

"Orange Is The New Black."

A p**...'s slogan

"It's business doing pleasure with you"

I can't find a reason to vote for the (D) or (R) candidate for President, and now Libertarian Gary Johnson's campaign slogan,

'Feel the Johnson' just rubs me the wrong way.

I went to an Anti- Abortion rally...

Their slogan was "our movement is unstoppable, they will never defetus"

I once knew a failed politician with a slogan "Let it sink in."

Too bad his last name was Quicksand.

My local feminist charity is hiring. I found their recruitment slogan to be a bit counterintuitive...

"Girl power needs manpower."

Honest slogan

Benadryl- "Because you can't have the sniffles while in a sleep coma"

Wario has just revealed his campaign slogan

'We need to build a wah'

The camping shop in Stratford-upon-Avon is having a sale of last season's stock. Their slogan....?

Now.. is the winter of our discount tents.

What's a good slogan for a brothel?

It's a business doing pleasure with you.

Q. What is Tampons new slogan?

A. We may not be #1 but we're up there!

What was the slogan of the pro-reproduction candidate?

"Make America Mate Again!"

The day after Thanksgiving is often the biggest capitalist/materialistic shopping day every year. I'm protesting it this year, and had to think of the movement's slogan...

Black Fridays Matter.

What is the worst possible slogan for someone running for president in Germany?

Make Germany great again

I will run for president...

and my slogan will be "Hindsight is 2020"

Trump's New Toothbrush brand

Our Slogan is Trump's new toothbrush brand will make your teeth whiter than Trump's vision of America!

Hear about the Canadian Nationalists?

Their slogan is "We're not sorry anymore"

So I was reading licence plates...

The first car was from Minnesota, had 6 numbers, and at the bottom said "10,000 Lakes". I thought to myself "They must put the State Slogan there." The next car was from Arkansas, had 6 numbers, and at the bottom, it read "Disabled"

What's a brothel/bakery's slogan?

You bring the dough we will make it rise!

What's united airlines new slogan?

Our seats are so comfortable, you won't want to leave.

Did you hear Southwest's new slogan?

They may beat our price,
but atleast we don't beat you

The new industry slogan for people who design and create faux food for advertising in magazines, coupons, billboards, etc.

"*We* fake it until you make it".

Slogan for an erudite anti-science preacher:


Shoot the kids, hang the parents, frame grandpa...

I tried to tell Rob the slogan for his new photography business needed fixing but he wasn't having any of it.

I told my dad the s**... club had the best steaks in town. He told me what their slogan should be.

You can't beat the meat here.

Equifax's slogan is "Powering the World with Knowledge"...

Unfortunately, that includes powering the world with knowledge of my social security number.

Newest t**... slogan

Did you hear the latest slogan for tampons?
"We're not #1 , but we're right up there "

Did you know Harvey Weinstein once submitted a slogan to Carl's Jr., but they had to change it?

The original slogan was, "You're not leaving this place until it's all over your face."

The GOP announced a new slogan today...

We're not just morally bankrupt, *we're Roy Mooreally bankrupt! *

"Don't dwell on the past,don't dream about the future", is one of the most beautiful thoughts, was it Buddha?

Naw, it's just Congressman Roy Moore's Republican campaign slogan.

I just saw a "Breaking News" link from Fox News come across my Facebook feed

Fully thought it was their new slogan

My dad recently joined a support group for people with erectile dysfunction...

Their slogan is: "If You Can't Beat 'em, Join 'em.

A restaurant is attracting a lot of attention with their new slogan

It proudly proclaims: "Beat the meat with organic vaggies"

I saw biggish girl at the pub last night,

Her t shirt said "watch out I'm a man eater!"
I went up to her and said " excuse me, love ... About your t shirt slogan."
She interrupted me and angrily snapped " oh let me guess: you want to know how many man I've eaten? Well, you know what, I can't help my size."
I said "Actually, no, I wasn't going to say that at all. "
She looks happier and smiled as she said "Oh yes, what did you what to say then?"
"That's not how you spell manatee."

Abandoned slogan: Become an o**... donor...

...What have you got to lose?

"Come together right now over me."

That can be either a Beatles lyric or a b**... slogan.

A group of chronic masturbators have recently started an organization to protect women from domestic violence.

Their slogan is "We only beat ourselves."

An urban veterinary clinic offered free spaying...

Their slogan was b**... get stitches!'

Slogan joke, An urban veterinary clinic offered free spaying...

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