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Two snakes are slithering through the forest when one stops and looks at the other

"Hey Carl" he says "Are we poisonous?"
The other snake stops and thinks for a second "honestly, I have no idea, why?" He asks
The first snake responds in a worried voice "because I just bit my tongue"

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time in a magical land, there lived a snake named Nate. In this land, actually rather close to Nates house, there was a lever. The lever was ancient, and the myth around the was that if you were to push it, it would trigger the end of the world. One day, Nate was slithering down the road. When he came upon the lever, he began crossing the road so he could get a look at it. At the same moment, a truck came zooming around the corner, and the driver found himself in a dilemma: either hit the lever, and end the world or hit the snake and run him over. Needless to say, the driver ran over Nate and went on his merry way. What's the moral of this story?

Better Nate than lever.

Two snakes are slithering on a desert floor

one snake asks the other snake, "Hey, are we poisonous?"
The other snake replies, "I don't know, Why?"
his friend replies nervously "I just bit my tongue"

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