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The tiny door to the magic castle was barely big enough to crawl through. It was carved with a half-lion, half-eagle, and guarded by a fearsome raven that would only allow you to pass if you breathed on its foot...

So basically you had to huff n puff on the raven claw then slither in the griffon door.

How do you get a snake into Hogwarts?

You tell it to slither in

In Hogwarts, people don't slide into DMs

They slither in

The animals in the zoo are bored.

The snake says "I know, we can play billiards" The elephant scoffs "How. we don't have a table?" The snake explains they can do tricks, and the other animals judge them as to how many b**... they have sunk. So each animal does their best and the snake is winning, showing off he says to the elephant "Bet i can slither through your guts and out your a**..." With that he shoots up the elephant's trunk. The elephant quickly jams his trunk up his own a**... and says "Ha!.. You're snookered."

Why did Hermoine's underpants have a Griffin-door?

So that Ron's snake could slither in.

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