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  1. What do you call when a female physicist decides to try dating women for a change? The double slit experiment.
  2. I saw two lesbian quantum physicists in a super position. It was a double-slit experiment.
  3. Schrodinger had a girlfriend but he was afraid to look at her because she might snap into a state where she didn't exist. And don't even get me started on the double slit.
  4. What did the physicist say to the two women he was trying to pick up at the bar? "Do you ladies wanna go back to my place and conduct a double slit experiment?"
  5. The double slit experiment proved one of the strangest hypotheses in science College chicks will do anything if you wear a lab coat and act smart.
  6. Pain People say you can only feel pain in 1 place at a time their right.
    I slit my wrist on one arm and got a papercut on the other.
    The papercut still hurt more.
  7. I'm not so sure about quantum uncertainty. I wanted to check with a Double-Slit Experiment, but my wife told me "Absolutely not!"… :/
  8. For Sale: One live cat. It is also dead. Do not open the box. Contact E. Schrodinger via photons passing through a double slit.
  9. My little brother wanted to be treated like a prince... ...So I slit his t**... while he was sleeping to ensure he didn't lay claim to my crown.
  10. Yo moma is so s**....... she could observe the particles in the double slit experiment and still get an interference pattern

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Slit One Liners

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  1. I tried the double slit experiment at home. The wife was not impressed.
  2. I want to slit my wrists... ...but I just can't find the nerve.
  3. Slit your wrists, it will lower your blood pressure.
  4. What do you call two lesbian quantum physicists? A double-slit experiment.
  5. What do emos say at good parties? It slit.
  6. What would a depressed Abraham Lincoln do? Slit the writ of habeas corpus.
  7. I have a disorder which causes me to slay fruity young slits i mean say freudian slips
  8. Richard Feynman had a t**... double slit experiment
  9. What will an experimental physicist call his first t**...? A double-slit experiment
  10. What does a Boko Haram t**... become after getting his t**... slit? Boko Halal.
  11. YO momma is so old, I slit her t**... and dust came out!

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Mary had a little skirt It was slit right up the sides... And every time she wore that skirt.... The boys could see her thighs.... Mary had another skirt It was slit right up the front....

But she never wore that one.

Why was a physicist unable to do the double slit experiment?

His wife didn't want a t**....

This cracked me up at work tonight!

Did you hear about the famous actress that slit her t**... tonight?
What's her name?
Reese Witherspoon?
No with a knife

What's it called when two female scientists have s**... for the first time?

A double slit experiment

Why did the physicist ask his girlfriend for a t**...?

He wanted to try out the double slit experiment.

Slit joke, Why did the physicist ask his girlfriend for a t**...?