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How would a world without friction be?

Idk dude but I heard it's going to be slick!

What was the difference between Lorena Bobbitt and Bob Barker?

Bob Barker was a slick pricer

Entering a friend's home for his weekly poker game, Slick is amazed to see a dog sitting at the table.

He's even more surprised when the dog wins the first hand with a full house, and takes the second with a royal flush.
"This is unreal," Slick says after the dog wins the next two hands. "He's got to be only dog in the world that can play like that."
"Aw, he's not so great," says the host. "There's a dog in Las Vegas who doesn't wag his tail every time he gets a good hand."

Agent K: Hey slick, this coffee kinda tastes like dirt...

Agent J: What do you expect, it was ground this morning!

What slick new device did the pirate get from the Apple Store?

The ipatch.


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