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Why do Russians celebrate Christmas on the 7th of January?

Cause eight reindeer and a sleigh are a lot quicker than 6 pigs and a stoneboat.

What is it called when an unborn baby dies in a horse-drawn sleigh?

A mis-carriage

What did Rudolph the reindeer say before launching into his comedy routine?

This will sleigh you.

Sleigh joke, What did Rudolph the reindeer say before launching into his comedy routine?

What's the best way to get rid of a Scrooge?

Sleigh them

Why did Yoda turn Santa's sleigh around?

Because he always reverses clauses.

How much does Santa's sleigh cost?

$0, it's on the house.

How much does it cost to run Santa's sleigh every Christmas?

Eight bucks

Nine bucks if the weather is bad.

Sleigh joke, How much does it cost to run Santa's sleigh every Christmas?

What does it cost to get Santa's sleigh around the world?

8 or 9 bucks

What's Mrs. Clause's favorite romance novel?

50 shades of sleigh.

Whats the difference between a Knight and Santa's reindeer?

The Knight is slayin the Dragon, and the reindeer are dragon the sleigh!

What did Santa say to the comic?

You sleigh me.

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A fiery demon, clad in sleigh bells, entered the chamber.

Gandalf immediately froze in fear. It was what he had feared since entering Moria.

With each horrific step, the bells jangled damnation.

That's the jingle bell, muttered Gandalf.


That's the jingle bell.


That's the jingle Balrog.

What did Santa say when his reindeer made him laugh?

You sleigh me

Why did the police search Santas sleigh

Because they had probable Claus

How much does Santa's sleigh cost?

Nothing, it's on the house!

(Thanks grandad for this)

What will happen when the Earth's magnetic poles flip?

I dunno, but I heard Santa's been interviewing penguins to see if they can pull a sleigh.

Sleigh joke, What will happen when the Earth's magnetic poles flip?

Dad, I don't want to go sleighing with you any more...

Shut up, and keep pushing the sleigh, son!

How does Santa request a reindeer sleigh ride?

Uber Pull

What do you call a Hooker with a bar of soap on a sleigh?

A 1 horse open sleigh...

My dad made it up, thought I'd post it here and see if he's as clever as he thinks

-Santa's sleigh was hit by a car. Several deers died. What is left?

-The remaindeer

If Santa was a millennial, what would he say?

"Yaaaaaas, Queen! Sleigh!"

What did Santa's sleigh cost?

Nothing, It was on the house.

How did the mob threaten Santa for unpaid gambling debts?

"Hey Santa, you're gonna pay deer, this is gonna sleigh you and then yule be sorry".

Santa deliver

Q: How can Santa deliver presents during a thunderstorm?

A: His sleigh is flown by raindeer

What is Santa's favorite Las Vegas attraction?

Cirque du Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh Is Stuck Somewhere in the Western US

Keep that muzzle on Donner

Santa's Sleigh Was Found Snowbound in The Mountains of the Western US!

Get a muzzle on Donner

What part of the sleigh did Santa leave behind while he was passing through Africa?

He left the reigns down in Africa.

How much does it cost Santa to park his sleigh and reindeer?

Nothing! It's on the house!

what did the reindeer say when santa told him a funny joke

You sleigh me

What is it called when Santa runs down someone with his sleigh?

A Ho-Ho-Homicide.

How much does Santa's sleigh cost?

Nothing ... it's on the house.

Figured I would kick off the Christmas jokes with one of my favourites.

How much does it cost Santa to ride his sleigh around the world?

8 bucks. Unless the weather is bad, then it's 9 bucks.

What's the difference between Santa Clause and a knight?

One slays a dragon, the other drags a sleigh!

How much does it cost for santa to park his sleigh?

Nothing- It's on the house

Why does Santa always keep a Baseball bat in his sleigh?

For Claus combat.

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