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  1. Whats the difference between a watermelon and a baby? One is fun to smash with a sledgehammer and the other one is a watermelon
  2. As soon as the Zombie Apocalypse hits I'm grabbing a sledgehammer and heading down to the local cemetery for the greatest game of Whack-A-Mole ever.
  3. Did you hear about how realistic Call of Duty: WWII is? Sledgehammer Games rented servers from the 1940s to replicate WWII as accurately as possible
  4. Peter Gabriel, after watching Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" video. "Well, I certainly don't wanna be HER sledgehammer!"
  5. What's the difference between a baby and a watermelon? A watermelon doesn't cry when you hit it with a sledgehammer.
  6. So apparently after Peter Gabriel's music career, he went on to do a stint in construction. Turns out he became a sledgehammer.
  7. When miley cyrus gets n**... and licks a sledgehammer it's art and music But when I do it I'm drunk and ruining the wedding
  8. When Miley Cyrus licks a sledgehammer n**..., it's art. When I do it, I'm drunk and told to leave Home Depot.
Sledgehammer joke, When Miley Cyrus licks a sledgehammer n**..., it's art.

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Sledgehammer One Liners

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  1. What do you call a sledgehammer on wheels that hunts impatient people? A train.
  2. My friend told me to break a leg... So I took a sledgehammer to his shin.

Sledgehammer joke, My friend told me to break a leg...

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A magician calls a man onstage...

and he gives the man a sledgehammer, and he says, "I want you to take this sledgehammer and hit me as hard as you can in the head." The guy says, "Alright." The magician puts his head down on a block a wood and the guy hauls back and BAM! Pops this magician in the temple. Ten years later, the magician wakes up out of a coma in the hospital and goes, "TADAAA!"

A magician discovers time travel

A magician pulls out a sledgehammer and asks for a volunteer. A guy comes up and the magician says, "I want you to hit me in the head with this sledgehammer." So the volunteer picks the sledgehammer up and swings it down into the magician's head. The magician wakes up in a hospital bed three years later and says, "Tadaaaaahhhh!!!!"
**Credits to u/GeneralText**

An archaeologist is visiting a small town in Nevada.

He's just ambling around, enjoying the play of the autumn light on the terracotta and adobe-colored buildings. He rounds a corner and is surprised to see the most, bar none, stunningly beautiful alley he's ever come across...
It may sound like he's a bit nerdy, but we all have our things we love and he's a lover of old streets.
The ground of the alley is a light orange in hue, with a soft almost nutty sheen and texture.
His feet feel refreshed!
The street has gorgeous s**... and embankments, like an alleyway out of Florence in the 1500s, but made out of clay stones.
He sees two gentlemen working on fixing a small crack in the street, the only blemish for blocks.
One of them is pounding down the clay with a wide-head sledgehammer, thwap thwap!
The other is on his knees with a compass and a pick and a broom, adjusting the grade of the street material.
He interrupts them to say, Excuse me gentlemen! I hate to be a bother, but I just want to applaud your hard work on this alleyway. It's rare a city takes such good care with its streets and this one is one of the best.
The man with the sledge stops and says, Well, we appreciate that sir. You know your streets, it seems! Would it surprise you to know that the composition of this street is not adobe? It's mulched with our native nut trees, the cashew nut. That's what gives it its softness. When it rains, the petrichor has a slight sweetness due to the cashew, and the town smells fantastic. I'm just hammering it down before it gets too cold.
Well, I'll be! cried the archaeologist. And what's that fellow up to? pointing to the man on his knees.
Oh him! He's in charge of checking the grade of the clay. If it's too rough, he picks and sweeps it. Backbreaking work. We hire four of them, one for each season. And since autumn just arrived, he's got a few months yet. So you see...
And here the man paused...
So you hammered alley is really 'cashews clay'. And he is the gradist.
The gradist...of fall time.

Sledgehammer joke, An archaeologist is visiting a small town in Nevada.

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