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Liberals are acting like Trump is going to kill all the gays, make slavery legal again, and take away women's rights....

Like he's a Muslim or something.


Do all black people have a problem with slavery ?

Or just mine ?


I was teaching a bunch of black teenagers about slavery.

None of them liked the concept, but their grandparents were sold on the idea.


History class

So Ms. Smith decides to ask the kids questions on U.S. history.
First question:"Can anyone name the first president".
All the kids are quiet but little Yoshi raises his hand "George Washington".
"Correct, you get a gold star".
Second question:"Which president ended slavery?".
Again, all the kids are quiet but little Hideko raises his hand "Abraham Lincoln".
"Correct, you get gold star".
Ms. Smith was agitated at this point "It's sad that the Japanese kids know more about American history than the American kids...".
Then out of nowhere
"Fuck the japs!".
"Who said that!?" Screamed Ms. Smith.
Little Johnny speaks up "Douglas MacArthur, now give me my fuckin star!"


So I was trying to explain slavery to a group of black teenagers...

...they didn't like the idea, but their grandparents were sold on it!


It sucks that slavery is illegal now...

We have to get them from the black market these days.


When are they going to bring slavery back?

I am tired of looking for a job.


My two favorite presidents are Jefferson and Lincoln

The respective "Hit it and Quit it" of American slavery


The Museum Curator

A group of tourists were taking part in a museum tour when they came across an interesting painting portraying 3 black men sitting naked on a bench and one of them had a white penis. The Curator went on to explain how it's a symbolic painting outlining how whites have oppressed black society through slavery or may possibly symbolize the black communities envy of whites when he was interrupted by one of the tourists.
Tourist: "That's not what it's all about"
Curator: "Sir, I'm a Curator with 20 years experience who has toured thousands of people through this museum based on accurate assessment of the symbolic pieces residing here. What makes you think you know better than me?"
Tourist: "Because I painted it!"
Curator: "Then please elaborate for us all"
Tourist: "Well, those are 3 coal miners relaxing before they start their afternoon shift. The lucky guy in the middle happened to go home for lunch"

TL: DR Museum Curator gets his show ran by former coal miner


Why isn't slavery practiced today?

Because it would be a black market!


An ethnically diverse group of people are doing something…

An African-American, a Mexican-American, Jewish-American, and a white man are walking along the beach in Florida. One of them stumbles over a lamp and as he picks it up, a genie appears. The genie thanks them from freeing him from the lamp and offers them each a wish. The African-American says, "My native land has suffered from all the people stolen away by slavery. I wish for all my people to be returned to Africa to start a new age of African success." As he finishes speaking, poof, he is gone. The Mexican-American is inspired and says, "My native land has suffered from all the people run out by the cartels and corruption. I wish for all my people to be returned to Mexico to start a new age of Mexican success." As he finishes speaking, poof, he is gone. The Jewish-American feels the same way and says, "My native land has had my people chased out for thousands of years. I wish for all my people to be returned to Israel to start a new age of Israeli success." As he finishes speaking, poof, he is gone. The white guy is clearly taken aback with all that has happened. He says, "Let me get this straight, all the black, mexicans, and jews are gone? Lemme get a diet coke."


Why is the movie TAKEN is unrealistic?

Ladies, say you marry a CIA agent, have a child and then divorce him to marry some rich guy.

If your ex-husband manages to save your daughter from sexual slavery to FUCKING ARABIAN PRINCE, and then let a pop star give her vocal lessons, you are a horrible wife and mother.

If you get yourself get kidnapped and he saves your life, remember, you're the who divorced him. say your prayers.


Did you guys know the majority is always right?

Except slavery


If you think Phil Robertson (the Duck Dynasty guy) has offensive view regarding homosexuality, or slavery...

You should hear his answers regarding evolution, climate change, or 8 plus 9.


The term "African-American" is offensive

It fails to account for Africans who were forced to go to America during slavery - forcing the American identity onto them.

Instead, I prefer the term "Negro".


On the whole Slavery topic.

Django, 12 years a Slave, hasn't the whole thing just been beaten to death?



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