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Why did the slave go to college?

To pick up his master's degree.

Wanna hear a joke?

Never mind. I was going to make a black joke but I'll slave it for later?

Wanna hear a virginity joke? Never mind, I lost it.

What is something in your house that could break down at any second?

Your slave.

How much does a slave cost?

I have no idea, I just know they aren't free

How do we know that slaves went to college?

They all had masters

Slaves and snow tires

What's the difference between a slaves and snow tires? Snow tires don't sing when you put a chain around them.

So I decided to buy nineteen dollars worth of white guilt the other day...

...or as other people call it Twelve Years A Slave.


They wanted me for the lead role in Twelve Years a slave but id only been married for 10

na today be today

*An American, an English man, and a Nigerian were on a ship. Suddenly the Devil appeared and said, Drop anything in the sea, if I find it I will eat u, If I can't, I will be your slave! The American dropped a pin, the Devil found it and ate him. The English man dropped a coin, the Devil found it and ate him too. The Nigerian opened a bottle of water, poured it in the sea and said, Na today be today, go find am! .

What does a slave driver do with his slaves when he's bored?

He racism.

If 5 slaves had an orgy in the 1800's. . .

Would it be considered a three-way?

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slave Leia

A man comes home to his girlfriend who is in a slave Leia costume, chained to the bed and stretched out seductively. The man gets angry and says "I'm not that fat!"

I don't believe Prince Andrew paid for an underage sex slave.

That sponger's never paid for anything in his life.

I started watched 12 years a slave today

...but I only made it 3/5ths the way through

A dark riddle.

What has four limbs in the morning, two limbs in the afternoon, and is dead by evening?

A disobedient slave.

What do you call a slave that just got a new set of teeth?

An endentured servant

What did Oliver Twist say at the slave auction?

Please sir, I want some moors.

Describe your last relationship with a movie title:

12 Years A Slave

Jamaica is demanding compensation from the UK for our involvement in the slave trade!

Shocking, we already paid for them once!

Slavery is certainly wrong!

It's a *black and white* issue

What did the rich bearded slave owner say when he was stranded in the desert and saw a mirage of an Arabian lamp and rubbed it?

here in my mirage got this brand new labor genie here

What did the slave master say to his slaves when they didn't want to make shoes anymore?

"Just Do It"

Where do most slaves come from?

The black market.

What did the dominatrix say after she spanked the wrong slave?

Whoops, wrong sub

What's the difference between a 19th century slave and a 21st century unpaid intern?

No, seriously, I want to know.

What do you call the underground slave trade?

The black market.

Slavery in The United States?

3/5 would not recommend.

A 9/11 widow, a black slave, a jew who survived Auschwitz and a clairvoyant walk in to the Challenger Spacecraft

"I don't like where this joke is going" says the clairvoyant

Now we know why Brad Pitt...

produced 12 Years As A Slave

Slavery is such an ugly word...

I prefer the term lifetime unpaid internship.

A set of gold chains would be a great retirement gift..

For a really good slave.

What do you call a building where children slave for hours a day writing?

A school

Why did the toilet want to start a rebellion?

Because he was a slave to the cistern!

I told my friend about the Muslim slave trade the other day...

"Dubai?" He asked

"Yes, and sell" I replied.

I just found out that my sweater was made by indonesian slave children

And i must say they did a wonderful job

My wife wanted a divorce, I wanted a slave...

I guess we both got what we wanted.

Why is slave trade illegal

Because it's a black market.

A slave say to another slave...

Are you free tonight?

TIL that Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky is Russia's most famous composer

He composed, Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, sleeping beauty and president Trumps favorite composition Marche Slave.

Pregnant elephants

What is harder then getting a pregnant elephant into a Volkswagen?

Getting an elephant pregnant in a Volkswagen.

I'm taking a gunsmithing class and this was in the text book with no context. Just stuffed between a paragraph on slave pins and one on replacing firing pins.

What do you call a white slave?

Whipped Cream

What was the name of the female slave turned bounty hunter?

Jane Doe Unchained.

"We Do Not Have A Child Slave Colony On Mars."

They are free to leave the dome whenever they wish.

What did the erotic writer say when the man offered to be his sex slave?

That's a novel idea

Why is Peter Pan always flying?

because he neverlands!

jkjk it's cuz of the pixie dust. tinker Bell is his slave, #freetink

What did the feminist slave say to Lincoln?

I don't need you to MANcipate me.

I got interested in the BDSM scene

Soon I was able to find myself a slave, young guy who moved here from Asia. Back home, he was in the army, so he can handle some pain too. He's my yellow sub marine.

Morgan was once a slave... he's a Freeman.

What's a slaves favorite dance move?

The whip.

What if Cinderella was a baking slave instead of a cleaning slave?

Then her name would be mozarella.

What's the best deal you can get in the Mexican slave trade?

Buy Juan, get Juan free!

What does a slavemaster use to buy his slaves presents?


If it's stupid but it works...

Then you have a good slave

A man brings his black friend to a slave auction

After a while, he asks him:

"So what do you think?"

His friend replies:

"Well, I'm sold."

Some gold plated chains would make a nice retirement gift

for a very-very good slave.

What do I think of slavery?

It works for me.

Why did the slave go to college?

So he could get into a good field.

Why did the slave pay in cash?

He didn't have his Mastercard

Why did the slave ask for career counseling?

He wanted to get into a good field.

Say what you want about slavery...

but at least black people were working.

Slave owners used to get black people to pick cotton...

now they get them to pick Democrats.

Tutankhamen: If you find ten guys to help, I'll cut you in on a slice of the treasure

Slave: This sounds like a pyramid scheme

Tutankhamen: A what?

Where do slave traders go to work?

The black market

I asked my neighbour why his lawnmower was pink

He said: „Look, I didn't like the black and I can paint my slave whatever color I want.

What it's like to work in IT.

It's like being a sex slave except nobody's having sex with you.

So you're basically just a Slave.



If you own a colored tv, does that make you a slave owner or a racist?

I just found out my Grandpa is gay, and that he's into kinky sex too.

His roommate, slave bob, is gonna be shocked too!

"Baby, I love you so much that..............."

"Even if you were my slave in the 1800's, I'd still feed you human food every once in a while."

I'm in somewhat of a moral dilemma

I've recently gotten really into the whole BDSM thing, you know, the chains, the whips, I'm the master, she's the slave..

But I'm kinda only into black chicks.

I tried to buy a slave ones

It didn't work

How do you call a former slave with 6 eyes, 6 feet and 6 arms?

Three men.

"Luke warm water,"

says the man to the Chinese child slave.

If Cinderella were a baking slave instead of a cleaning slave,

would she be known as Mozarella?

If bees reproduce by slave bees having intercourse with the queen bee...

... Then is it safe to say they're into BeeDSM?

Simple joke.

Why did the slave go to college?
To go and get his master's degree.

What are the simularities in between a sexist man and a slave owner

Somebody is making the sandwich, and it isn't gonna be them

What is a slave master's favorite dessert?

Whipped cream.

What does a slave do at the university?

He gets his master's degree.

What if Cinderella was a cooking slave instead of a cleaning slave..

.. and her name was Mozzerella

Given Isaac Newton's links to the slave trade,

perhaps we ought to abolish gravity.

It would be a weight off his shoulders.

Where is the freedom of a slave whose hobby is making necklaces?


What's the worst thing about being a slave?

The hours

Locked in her basement

A woman I work with locked me in her basement for two months once and used me as her sex slave.

One day I noticed she forgot to lock the door and I thought, "Great, this is my chance!"

So I ran up the stairs and grabbed the phone.

Half hour later the pizza arrived, and I went back down to the basement.

A clergyman was walking and saw a farmer loading hay and struggling with the work.

"you look tired son,take a rest" he said.
No,my father would hate that" he replied
"Don't be silly, everyone needs a break sometimes. Come take some cold water" the clergyman replies.
Again the farmer declined. This continues for about two minutes, until the clergyman says "your father must be a slave driver. Tell me where he is so I can give him a piece of my mind!"
"Well", says the farmer," he's under the hay"

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