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Funniest Slaughtered Short Jokes

Short slaughtered jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The slaughtered humour may include short killed jokes also.

  1. I don't like to eat anything labeled "reformed ham" As I think it is unfair that the pigs are slaughtered after they've got their lives back on track.
  2. What did mr and mrs Cow name their calf who they sent away to be slaughtered? Little miss Steak.
  3. I like my women like I like my beef Slaughtered and then wrapped in plastic with an expiration date stamped on
  4. "Do you know what my husband said? My body is a temple..." "...But it's a temple where a lot of pigs get slaughtered."
    All credit to Samira Ahmed
  5. What do cows listen to? They listen to the screams of their parents as they are being slaughtered.
  6. What do you call the violent guy whose family was slaughtered, yet he still spits out word jokes constantly? The punissuer.
  7. Why did the blonde throw the clock out of the window? Because it reminded her of Richard Clock. The man accused of slaughtering her entire family.
  8. Once in a restaurant I once worked in a restaurant where sith lord slaughtered all the customers with two pieces of cutlery.
    He used the forks.
  9. A malicious man is slaughtering all the continents After he kills Africa, he says Europe next!
  10. A construction crew was converting an old road near a chicken coupe back to farmland... Comedians slaughtered the construction crew, and the jokes continued.

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Slaughtered One Liners

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  1. why did a cows get slaughtered by a farmer because they had beef
  2. Brazil is getting slaughtered I can't take it an Neymar
  3. "Why do you keep slaughtering my people?" said the cow. Do you have some beef with us?
  4. Why should a midget not attempt to s**... a cow? The steaks are just too high.
  5. Where do cows go on Saturday nights? The s**... house
  6. Of all the vegetables I s**... for food... ... I seem to pity onions the most.
  7. Why was h**... a great comedian? Cuz you can't spell s**... without laughter
  8. One careless spelling mistake... ... and laughter becomes s**....
  9. Why is it so much fun to kill animals? Because s**... is mostly laughter.
  10. There's gold in laughter. Well, and s**....
    Choose wisely.
  11. What did the Welsh farmer say to the sheep? Your b**...'s about to get slaughtered
  12. "You can't spell s**... without laughter!" -> Adolf h**...
  13. Yo mama so s**... that she mourned wen we slaughtered a goat for Cristmas.
  14. What do you say when you s**... an Italian cow? Rest in Pepperoni
  15. You know can't spell f**... without fun. You can't spell s**... without laughter too.

Slaughtered joke, You know can't spell f**... without fun.

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My Aunt Ruth went missing

It turned out she was kidnapped and murdered before my uncle could pay the ransom. He went on a rampage, finding and slaughtering every last man who participated in kidnapping her, even going so far as to t**... some of them. You could say he was.....

The mass m**... has an inspirational poster on his wall.

"Can't spell 'slaughter' without 'laughter'"

Why was the cow scared about going into the s**... house?

His life was at stake.
Badum psh.

Courts still use the term "vehicular manslaughter". It's 2021; shouldn't we call it "vehicular human-s**..."?

It's time for women to finally break through the glass windshield.

Slaughtered joke, Courts still use the term "vehicular manslaughter". It's 2021; shouldn't we call it "vehicular human