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  1. My brother in jail will send text messages They're full of prison slang. I think he's trying to say he's sorry and he loves us but I just don't get the con text.
  2. What do you call a truck made of stone? A stat-ute, mate.
    (Ute is Australian slang for utility vehicle)
  3. What did the child with the speech impediment say when he used basketball slang to tell his friend, Johnson, to score a basket? Dwain the rock, Johnson!
  4. Did you hear about that green and brown patterned toilet that exploded? It was a Camo-Khazi...
    FYI Khazi is British slang for a toilet, so now you know!
  5. Why is Columbus a slang term for c**... in Native American communities? Because it's white and kills them.
  6. Did you hear about the k**... whelk? It pulled a mussel.
    This doesn't work in American English.
    In British slang, if you chat someone up and they like you, you have *pulled*.
    Sorry I failed!
  7. So I did not realize, in England, the word "trump" is slang for a particularly loud f**.... ... Just like in America.

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Slang One Liners

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  1. What do you call Australian slang? Dingo Lingo.
  2. What do you call a website full of common Indian phrases and slang? Turban Dictionary
  3. What's the slang term for a harpsichord? A baroque man's piano.
  4. What do you call the slang of Fairy World? Jorgen
  5. where do South Africans learn slang? Durban Dictionary
  6. Americans have some weird slang... Like calling shooting ranges high schools
  7. What's the most obvious slang word in the Star Wars universe? Yo, duh.
  8. What's a civilian called in military slang? A collateral damage still alive.
  9. I think I've got the hang of today's slang I'm super rad dudes!
  10. How did spider-man reach the inner city kids? He web-slang
  11. What is jon snow's favourite slang? IDK
  12. What do the French use as slang for m**...? Oui-d
  13. What is witches slang for a c**...? The leaky cauldron

Slang joke, What is witches slang for a c**...?

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Who is a "d**..."

While at college, foreign students found an online English-to-English dictionary of American slang.
Awesome read, but almost all agreed there was no need to look up for the word "d**..." as it was completely clear.
One student persisted.
And got the answer - the dictionary stated:
"d**..." - the person who looks up for the word "d**..." in a dictionary.
Our joy was limitless.

Slang joke, What did the child with the speech impediment say when he used basketball slang to tell his friend,