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How did the blind skydiver know he was about to hit the ground?

He felt the slack in his dog's leash.

I just made this one up so cut me some slack...

A man and his wife are at the beach and she catches him staring at a beautiful woman. Predictably she gets mad at him.

Man: Honey, you know I only have eyes for you!

Wife: Then why are you ogling that woman over there?

Man: My dear, I assure you it doesn't mean anything. It is purely for educational purposes.

Wife: What do you mean?

Man: I've always wanted to study a broad!

(I'm sorry)

How does a blind parachuter know he's getting close to the ground?

The leash on his guide dog goes slack.

A young salesman walks up to a house and knocks on the door. The most beautiful woman he has ever seen answers, dressed in only a slinky negligee. She asks "Do you like what you see?" Slack jawed, the man finally manages to stutter "uh... yes, very much!"

She says "Quickly, step inside, I think I hear someone coming."

Once inside the beautiful woman drops her negligee and is completely naked. With a smile she asks "What do you think is the most sensitive part of my body?"

The salesman says "I guess that would have to be your ears."

"My ears? On this luscious body, you think my ears are the most sensitive?"

"Well, yes. When you said you heard somebody coming, that was me!"

My tailor has been really angry the past few weeks. This morning, he even refused to fixed my new pants which were too long

I asked if he could cut me some slack

How does a blind parachutist know when to pull his rip-chord?

The leash goes slack...

How can a blind skydiver tell when he's about to hit the ground?

The leash goes slack.

Slack joke, How can a blind skydiver tell when he's about to hit the ground?

Jack and Jill...

Jack and Jill worked at the mill before the work did slack off.

The miller cried, "I can't decide whether to lay Jill or Jack off."

Gonna start a petition to change Reddit's name

How does Re-post-ddit sound?

...sounds bad? Gimme some slack, it's hard to create original content on here

How do blind sky divers know when to pull the rip cord?

When the leash goes slack.

My First Time, so cut me some slack

What do you call a Sloppy Joe with Mystery Meat?

Sloppy John Doe!

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What type of jokes do turtles like?

Shell-arious ones.

(My sister came up with this one, cut her some slack, she's seven)

Why should you never let a non-metal drive a train?

Because they're poor conductors!

(I know they're called Engineers but cut me some slack, I thought of this in the 9th grade.)

I think we should cut Putin some slack

It can't be easy running two countries at once

I think we all should cut Hitler some slack

... I mean, he was the one that killed Hitler

How does a blind person know when to open their parachute?

When their leash goes slack.

Slack joke, How does a blind person know when to open their parachute?

A guy goes skydiving...

and there's a blind guy on the plane going up with him. The blind guy has a seeing eye dog with him and a really really long leash. As they're going up the guy asks him, "Why bring the dog with you?"

The blind guys says, "He jumps first to let me know when to pull my chute."

"How does he do that?" the man asked.

"The leash goes slack"

How to blind parachutist know they're close to the ground?

The feel the leash go slack!

(heard this one while listening to some irish tunes)

Why does Nepal never slack?

How do the blind know when they're reaching the ground on a parachute jump?

The leash goes slack

Despite Oscar Pistorius' terrible actions, you HAVE to cut him some slack.

Come on, he's never had a leg to stand on

Once I was a rope salesman

A costumer complained that I hadn't given him enough. I had, but I cut him some slack.

How does a blind parachutist know when he's approaching the ground?

The leash goes slack!

Don't slack off, Heaven is watching...

The wife is too.

Blind man walks into a bar..

He sits down, pint for him, shandy for the dog. The bar man asks him "So fella, what ya been up to recently?"

"Skydiving" said the blind man.

"Skydiving?!" said the barman astonished "How long have you been doing that now?"

"A few months now, did my first solo jump there last weekend."

"That's amazing." said the barman still astonished, "Tell me this though, how do you know you're getting near the ground?"

"Oh that's easy." says the blind man. "I wait for the dog's lead to go slack."

When does a blind man know that his parachute didn't open?

When the leash to his seeing eye dog goes slack.

Slack joke, When does a blind man know that his parachute didn't open?

When does a blind skydiver know when the ground is close?

The leash goes slack.

The condemned says to the judge: "please don't electrocute me. I'm only 20, please cut me some slack and suspend my sentence"

So the judge hanged him.

My dad keeps giving me slack for eating so much bacon

Guys, cut the white nationalists some slack.

They're just one big happy family!

What's everyone's problem with Internet Explorer?

It's just a blank page and a rotating circle.

Cut them some slack man...

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