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I was warned in November 2016...

People warned me, that if I voted for Hillary Clinton it would be the end of civility and truthfulness in the US as we know it, the deficit would skyrocket, and there would be never ending investigations of the president.

Well, I voted for Hillary and that was what happened!


IBM should change their name to ICBM

Their sales would skyrocket


A kid is flunking a public school, so his parents move him to a private school

All the sudden inthe private school his grades skyrocket up to A's. Then one night at the dinner table his parents ask,
"Why were you doing so bad in a
public school, and when we switched you to a
private school you did good?" The kid says,
"because I knew they were serious about school.
The first day I walked in they had a guy nailed
to a plus sign."


NASA should tell the US government they found oil on Mars

And then watch the funding skyrocket


A man is showing off his paintings at an art exhibit when he's approached by his agent..

His agent tells him "I've got good news and bad news."

"Okay," says the man, "what's the good news?"

"This woman has offered to buy all of your paintings! She loves them, and she thinks they'll skyrocket in price after your death."

"Amazing!" says the man, "What could be the bad news?"

"Well," says the agent, "the woman is your doctor."


I'm not sure if the US should build a space force

The costs would skyrocket


Too farsighted

Teacher: Farsightedness is building a home close to the arctic before land prices skyrocket due to global warming.

Students: Collect porn videos to spend the next summer holidays.


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