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Funniest Skrillex Short Jokes

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  1. There was a really horrible sound coming from my car, so I asked Siri to identify it. Skrillex.
  2. What did Skrillex say to his SO on Valentine's day? I wub you.
    (I'm *so sorry* it's like one in the morning I'm tired.)
  3. Why didn't skrillex's buds ever invite him to go fishing? Because he always dropped the bass.
  4. I went through a Skrillex phase I had to stop though. It got expensive dropping everything all the time!
  5. I went fishing with Skrillex once. We had to go home early though, he kept dropping the bass.
  6. How did Skrillex pass chemistry class? He always knew when to drop the base into the reaction.
  7. What do you call an angry Iron Man at a Skrillex concert? Stark Raving Mad
  8. What did Skrillex say to the chemist? 'I dropped the base.'
  9. How to Skrillex sign his Valentine's Day cards? I wub wub wub you....
  10. What makes Skrillex skillful at the chemistry lab? He rocks at *dropping the base.*

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Skrillex One Liners

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  1. I went fishing with Skrillex once It didn't end well, he kept dropping the bass
  2. Why can't you go fishing with Skrillex? Because he always drops the bass.
  3. Once, a bucket of Sodium Hydroxide slipped out of Skrillex's hands. He dropped the base.
  4. How did Skrillex get Potassium Hydroxide all over the floor? He dropped the base.
  5. Why isn't Skrillex invited fishing? Because he keeps dropping the bass.
  6. Why can't you take Skrillex fishing? He's always dropping the bass.
  7. Why should you never go fishing with skrillex? He cant stop dropping the bass
  8. Why wasn't Skrillex allowed on the fishing trip? He keeps dropping the bass
  9. I used to go fishing with Skrillex but he kept dropping the bass.
  10. Why is fishing with Skrillex so difficult? He keeps dropping the bass.
  11. Why did Skrillex lose his job at Long John Silvers? He was always dropping the bass.
  12. My mom married Skrillex. He's my dubstepdad.
  13. Skrillex used to play string instruments in the orchestra, until he dropped the bass.
  14. What does Skrillex do when he wants to neutralize acid? He drops the base
  15. Skrillex isn't allowed into produce markets. Why? He keeps dropping beets.

Skrillex joke, Skrillex isn't allowed into produce markets.

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What does Skrillex call m**...?

Wubbing one out.

Why does skrillex s**... at fishing?

He always drop the bass.

Skrillex joke, My mom married Skrillex.