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My 7 year old organically made this up!

Super Bowl halftime show, watching with my wife and boys, wife says The halftime show is a bunch of rappers from the 80's and 90's, including Eminem, I really like him.
7 year old: Mn'Ms are good, but I like Skittles better
Wife: Not the candies silly, the rapper!
7 year old: Why would you just eat the wrappers!?

The Whale Joke

Two whales are on a road trip, and they decide to stop at a gas station to get some snacks.
So they go into the candy aisle,

And they pass the snickers,
They pass the kitkats
The skittles,
The starburst,
The airheads,
The milky ways,
And finally they see the m&ms.
And one whale says to the other:
And the other whale says:

What's a comedian's favorite candy?


Share These Skittles Candy Jokes With Friends