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  1. My grandpa just walked into the room with a young man wearing skinny jeans and a beard. I said, Who is this, grandpa?
    Grandpa: He's my hip replacement.
  2. I know skinny jeans are fashionable... But as a slightly chubby man, I just can't seem to be able to pull them off
  3. As a fat guy, I tend to avoid wearing skinny jeans. I find it very difficult to pull it off.
  4. At what age should men stop wearing skinny jeans? Trick question... they should never wear them.
  5. Why do bass players enjoy seeing people wear skinny jeans? Cause they're fans of a tight bottom end
  6. How to get into a girl's pants pt. 1 Wear skinny jeans
  7. What's the hardest part of wearing skinny jeans? Explaining to your parents your iphone isn't the only thing that's bent
  8. I started wearing skinny jeans because they're fashionable and I was tired of my wife respecting me as a man.
  9. Q: How many hipsters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
    A: One to screw it in and the other to wear skinny jeans.
  10. Ladies, if you don't have skinny genes Don't wear skinny jeans.

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Skinny Jeans One Liners

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  1. What do skinny jeans and cheap hotels have in common? No *ball*room
  2. How are a pair of skinny jeans like a cheap motel? No ballroom
  3. What do skinny jeans and modern houses have in common? No ballroom
  4. What do skinny jeans and motels have in common? No ballroom.
  5. I like my women like i like my jeans... Skinny, tight, and ripped...
  6. How are skinny jeans like a small mansion? They have no ball room.
  7. These skinny jeans are like a cheap hotel No ballroom
  8. Why do gay people always wear skinny jeans? Because they can't stand straight cut.
  9. All jeans are skinny jeans... ...if you're fat enough.
  10. To the guy who stole my really tight skinny jeans... You won't be able to run, just hide.
  11. What do skinny jeans and a small house have in common? Neither have ball room.
  12. Sure, skinny jeans make you look skinny... Just like thin mints make you look thin.
  13. Yo mama so scrawny she makes skinny jeans look fat.
  14. One man's cargo pants... ...are another man's skinny jeans
  15. One mans cargo shorts... ...are another mans skinny jeans

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A heavily pregnant woman goes into labor in a retail store.

A crowd gathers around her as people struggle to help, or at least make her comfortable.
Panicked a man looks around and asks "Is anyone here a doctor?!"
From the crowd steps a man wearing skinny jeans and a plaid shirt, with short, neat hair and a scruffy beard. "I'm a vegan!"

Why are guys who wear skinny jeans bad at s**...?

They can't get them off

What do skinny jeans and a cheap hotel have in common?

There's no ballroom.
Friend told me this a couple years ago. I was reminded today, by wearing skinny jeans and tugging at my c**... the entire time.

Why are the new iPhones so skinny?

To match their hipster owners' jeans.

Skinny jeans are like a cheap castle...

No ballroom