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  1. What is a carpenters dream girl? What is a carpenters dream girl? Flat as a board, skinny as a nail and easy to screw.
  2. I once knew a girl so skinny... that when she swallowed a grape, 3 men left town.
    (it takes some thought)
  3. Why won't skinny girls date fat men? They get jealous when the boyfriend has a better rack than they do.
  4. I overheard a super skinny girl say that she sometimes forgets to eat. So naturally I licked her face to see if it was contagious
  5. How did Watson and crick blow their chance with a hot girl? They said, "baby you'd look good if you got a pair of skinny genes"

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  1. I like my girls like I like my Hershey Kisses... Round at the bottom, skinny at the top
  2. How to get into a girl's pants pt. 1 Wear skinny jeans
  3. Apparently skinny girls are no longer to be called anorexic. They prefer "trans-fat"

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An old farmer was picking apples. After filling up a bucket and walking back to the farm, he saw a group of beautiful women swimming in his pond

As he got closer, he realized they were skinny dipping. When the group noticed the old farmer approaching them, one girl shouts to him "we are not coming out until you turn away". The farmer, thinking quick, holds up the bucket of apples and says "I'm just here to feed the gator anyway"

Skinny dipping

A farmer heads down to the pond carrying a bucket. As he nears the pond he hears voices. It's a bunch of girls skinny dipping. The girls hear him coming and all head down to the deep end. "We see you!" shouts one of them. "We're not coming out until you've gone". The farmer says "What? You think I've come all this way just to see a bunch of n**... girls? Sheesh. Nahhh, I just came down here to feed the alligator".

Not sure if reposting but I thought this was funny.

So there are three girls in line for cucumbers. The first girl gets to the front of the line and says " I want a long and skinny cucumber". The second girl came up and said " I want a short and fat cucumber". The last girl came up and said " I just want a cucumber that's good for making a salad."

Not Here To Swim...

My uncle Mike owns hundreds of acres of land. In a back corner of that land there is a small lake surrounded by peach trees. One day he decides he'll pick some peaches and relax by the water. So he grabs a peach bucket and starts toward the lake. As he gets closer he hears women screaming and thinking something is wrong he sprints to the lake but to his surprise he finds three girls skinny-dipping. As soon as he gets to the shore the three girls see him and swim to the middle of the lake. They yell, "You're not coming in and we're not coming out until you leave." So thinking fast he holds up the bucket and says, "I'm not here to swim. I'm here to feed the alligators!"

Two women visit a pond...

Two women visit a pond on an old man's property. They figure he won't mind if they use his pond and decide to go skinny dipping. Meanwhile, the old man is headed to the pond with a bucket to pick apples from a tree near the pond. When he reaches the pond he notices clothes on the dock, walks over and picks them up. He then notices the two girls who cover themselves and yell to him. "We're not getting out until you leave, you creeper!". He chuckles to himself and motions to the bucket, "I'm not here to spy on anyone. I'm just here to feed the gators." That day, the old man proved he was still sharp.

Skinny Dippers

A farmer in Maine was just finishing up a tough day in the Summer Sun. He decided that after such a tough day the perfect thing he needed was a walk around his pond. The blueberries were in full bloom so he decided that it was worthwhile to pick some up for breakfast the next day, so he grabbed a bucket.
As he approached the lake he heard some girls laughing and giggling. Fortunately for the girls they saw him force and quickly retreated to the deeper waters. As he noticed them he smiled to himself. There were three gorgeous girls covering themselves - *skinny dippers* he thought to himself.
"We're not coming out until you leave!" One of the girls shouted at him.
He frowned and furrowed his brow. "Honestly, I didn't come down here to see some n**... girls or anything of the like. I don't care if you stay in there or leave." He lifted the bucket slightly. "I'm just here to feed my pet alligator, Bill."

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