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Honey, am I fat?

"No darling! You are not fat. You're skinnier than on the day of our wedding."
"Honey I'm hungry, can you carry me to the fridge?"
"Just a second darling. I'll bring the fridge to you."

Gorillas see us how we see aliens, skinnier, smarter, less hair

Or you might call them Asians

My New Year's resolution is to help all my friends gain ten pounds so I look skinnier.

A plane crashes

There were 152 people on a plane. It gets hijacked and crashed, and everyone on it dies. God says they all get one wish because of how tragically they died. The first man wishes for himself not to be ugly, the second person wishes she was skinnier. They all wish for something that improves their appearance. Halfway through the line God notices a man in the back laughing hysterically. The closer he gets to the back the harder the man laughs. When he gets to the last man he asks whats so funny.
"I wish they were all ugly again!"

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