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Brain cells die, skin cells die, even hair cells die.

But FAT CELLS… must have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior because they seem to have eternal life.

Brain cells die, skin cells die, hair cells die

But fat cells must have accepted jesus as their lord savior because of their eternal life

What do you do when your skin cells go on strike?

You hire some scabs to do their work

What happened to the guy that started his own business selling items like his used napkins, dirty clothes and dead skin cells?

He became a wealthy Entropy-neur...
...I'll see myself out

Everywhere we go, we always leave a little part of ourselves..

Skin cells, I mean.

TIL that loofas are horrible to use for washing your body if you leave them in the shower. They build up a bunch of bacteria because of all the dead skin cells left on the them.

Oops, wrong scrub.

Two women are in prison

Cell mate 1: I think I'm breaking out
cell mate 2: no way that's insane
Cell mate 1: I know my skin is usually like never this bad

My walls are closing in.

Crawling in my skin my Cell walls are closing in?

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