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Funniest Skin Care Short Jokes

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  1. TIL that Dermatologists are not good people Their care for you is only skin deep.
    *Thank ButIamARobot for the idea!
  2. Peter Parker is bitten by radioactive skin care products and becomes... ...THE AMAZING SPIDERMATOLOGIST!
  3. My iguana leaves its skin next to my pillow for me to find when I wake up once a year You know what they say, shedding is caring
  4. Race - 'The Nefarious B.F.G.' YouTube channel I don't care what color of skin my friends are. What's important for me is on the inside... they're white.
  5. Did you hear Buffalo Bill reformed and is now a pick up artist and skin care specialist? He puts the lotion in the basket and then he gets the h**... again
  6. I don't care about skin color, race, s**... preference or social status. I just hate everyone.

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Skin Care One Liners

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  1. People don't care what color your skin is, they just care if you have money. Just ask OJ.
  2. What's the official skin care products of the world cup? OLAAAAAAAY! OLAY OLAY OLAAAAAAY
  3. Boko Haram are great at skin care. They specialize in blackhead removal
  4. What do you call a doctor specializing in elephant skin care? A Pachydermatologist.
  5. How do Canadians take care of their skin? Maybe it's maple leaf.

Skin Care Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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3 men are captured by a group of Indians

The Indians tell the men were going to kill you, skin you, and turn your skin into canoes. You have 3 options, we can burn you, drown you, or hang you.
First guy says, hang me. So they hang him, skin him, turn him into a canoe.
Second guy says, down me. So they drown him, skin him, turn him into a canoe.
Third guy says, I have 1 wish. A fork. So they bring him a fork. He clasps the fork in his hand and says, I don't care how you kill me… he starts vigorously stabbing himself …but to h**... with your canoe!

How Old

His wife had just bought a new line of expensive cosmetics absolutely guaranteed to make her looks years longer. She sat in front of the mirror for what had to be hours applying the "miracle" products.
Finally, when she was done, she turned to her husband and said, "Honey, honestly now, what age would you say I am?" He nodded his head in assessment, and carefully said, "Well, judging from your skin, 20. Your hair, 18. Your figure, 25." "Oh, you're so sweet!" the wife said.
"Well, hang on," said the husband, "I'm not done adding it up yet."

There was a Russian man who was a collector of supernatural oddities.

An American man heard about him, and decided to try his luck at making a quick buck. He arranged a meeting, and presented a thin gauzy cloth to the man.
"This may look like cloth, but it is actually 100%, genuine ghost skin."
The Russian man leaned in, carefully examining the cloth, and running his finger lightly across it. He then turned and looked the American square in the eyes.
"I call boo sheet."

God allows animals to ask him one question...

The giraffe: God why do I have this long neck?
God: to be able to get the finest leaves.
The rihno: why is my skin so heavy and thick?
God: because your skin is your armor and its role is to protect you from your enemies.
The chicken: I don't care, so please don't even try explain! You make the hole bigger or the egg smaller.

A Finnish WWII air force verteran was about to give a talk to an American high school.

He was stereotypically Nordic: pale skin, fair hair, and a heavy accent.
He introduced himself and began with a vivid description of his first dogfight in the Lapland War. "Literally the moment after we take off and got through the fog we saw them. Eight pesky Fokkers were spread out and firing in front of me and my buddies. We had to go in defense position and try to outflank them, but they got flight leader. On second approach we shot a few down and dispersed the rest. On third approach I shot two Fokkers down, but another one got me in the rudder. I went into tail spin and had to bail out. Luckily the f**...-"
The principal of the school suddenly interjected, as at this point nearly everyone was laughing. "Now, students, please be respectful of our guest and where he is from. As some of you may know, a Fokker," the principal said slowly, carefully pronouncing the word, "is a type of German fighter plane used in World War II. There is no need to-"
The Finn had to interrupt, "Excuse me Mr. Principal, actually Fokker is Dutch. We were shooting down Messerschmitts."

White kid and Black goat

A white man works in the black tribe as a doctor.
One day, a black guy whose wife is the most beautiful woman in tribe meets the doctor to blame him: "My wife has just born a daughter, but her skin is white. And you are the only white skin man in this tribe".
The doctor calmly answers that: "The nature is very wonderful and magical. You can see goats over there. There is a black one in the herd of white goats."
After think about that carefully, the black guy says: "Okay, I promise secrecy about my white daughter to buy your silence about that black goat".