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Skin cancer is not that bad

It grows on you

TIL Amedeo Avogadro died of skin cancer.

He never got that n**... mol checked.

I wasn't a fan of skin cancer at first...

But now it's growing on me.

I was going to treat my skin cancer,

But then it grew on me.

Why aren't there many good, white people jokes?

Because when they start getting dark, most of them get skin cancer and die.

What do you call it when a black person gets skin cancer?


Whats the difference between Tanacon and sunscreen?

One prevents skin cancer the other gives you it.

Skin cancer

How would Smurfs call it?

Skin cancer

I didn't like it at first, but now it's really growing on me.

What do you call an elderly female cantaloupe from Germany that has skin cancer?

Melon Oma

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