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NASA confirmed that, in the end of the afternoon of day 21, the skies are going to be very dark.

It's a phenomenon called "Night".

I'm walking down the street when out of nowhere a shellfish falls out of the sky

and hits me in the head. Dazed, I pick up the mollusk and say "Where did you come from, little guy?" The shell creases open slightly and I hear it say "A tornado picked me and threw me. You better get somewhere safe, it's headed this way!" I look around and see mostly blue skies, except for a few clouds. That's when I realized:

It was the clam before the storm.

Why was the Jamaican surprised when he saw a bunch of Transformers flying over his house?

'Cause there were robots in de skies.

Skies joke, Why was the Jamaican surprised when he saw a bunch of Transformers flying over his house?

Famous Last Words

Post your own. I'll start-

"Nah, thats not a dragon"

"And it looks like clear skies over Hiroshima today"

Coach always used to say "Aim for the skies, boy".

He doesn't say that anymore after I blinded myself at archery practice.

A Scottish, fedora-wearing art professor complimented his Scandinavian student.

"Nice skies, Finnish lass!"

Airplanes are a blessing in disguise

*clears throat*

Excuse me...

A blessing in the skies.

It's better said than typed :/

Skies joke, Airplanes are a blessing in disguise

A Jewish Grandmother and her Grandson are walking on the beach...

When a wave comes over the grandson and takes him under. The grandmother falls to her knees and begs, "Oh God! Please bring back my grandson!"

Another wave crashes, and the grandson is soaked, but otherwise unharmed. The grandmother looks to the skies and says, "Where's his hat?"

When Jesus was resurrected, an angel escorted him to Heaven in a flying car

As the car ascended to the skies, it suddenly stalled and fell.

One of the disciples looked up and said, "Guess he shouldn't have driven emmanuel."

A stuttering man wants to join the army

So he arrives at the base and gets in line. The first man approaches the drill seargent.

"Soldier, what do you want to do?"

"I want to drive a tank!" He is put to the tanks

The next man approaches. "I want to fly a plane!". So he takes to the skies in a fighter jet.

The stutterer then comes up.

"What do you want to to?"


He was put in charge of the machine guns.

Why don't birds have to wear camouflage?

Joke: Why don't birds have to wear camouflage?
Punch: Because they are already "in the skies".

Thank you, I'll see myself out.

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I had plans to go to the beach today, but the skies are cloudy and it is raining

It's really irrigating.

A strange sight was seen in the Skies of Medieval Canterbury

It was a flying Chaucer!

What's green and hairy and skies down a mountain

a skiwi

It's ironic the character's name is Luke Skywalker...

He never walks on any skies, but he does spend the majority of the series "hand solo."

Do you think God invented parachutes?

I don't know but they sure are a blessing in these skies

Skies joke, Do you think God invented parachutes?

What do you call a Flying Transformer

Robots in da skies

Why do Jamaican pilots make really good spies?

"Cos they're always in de' skies mon".

Why can't Dubliners identify aircraft?

Because they're in de skies.

Why was the Red Baron so good at hiding?

He was the master of de skies...

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