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Funniest Skier Short Jokes

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  1. The worst thing about being a profession skier... that your career can only go downhill
  2. My wife is like an Olympic silver medal skier. She only goes down once every four years, and never finishes first.
  3. So apparently an Olympic downhill skier was injured so many times she donated a huge sum to the local hospital's critical care unit. Of course they called it the Picabu ICU.
  4. What does a snowboard and a vacuum cleaner have in common? You connect the dirtbag at 2 points.
    (Told to me by a skier.)
  5. US Olympic skier Peekaboo Street once worked at a hospital. She was fired on her first day because she kept answering the phone "Peekaboo, ICU".
  6. St. Bernards are dogs living in the Swiss Alps who search for lost travellers, skiers and mountaineers. That's how they survive the winters.
  7. Did you see that Olympic downhill skier who actually crossed the finish line backwards? He came in last...b**... first...

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Skier One Liners

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  1. How do Jewish skiers greet each other? Slalom
  2. What does a shark call a jet-skier? Fast food. (I'm so sorry)
  3. What do you call a water-skier with no arms or legs? Skip.
  4. Old skiers never die. They just go downhill.
  5. Where does a skier in Switzerland go after a long day of skiing? Swiss Chalet
  6. What did the confident skier say when he had diarrhea? I've got the runs!
  7. Why did the skier bail out on his wedding? He had cold feet.
  8. What do you call a one armed water skier Skip
  9. Why did the downhill skier take off all his clothes? Because he wanted to get windblown.
  10. A Novice Skier Often jumps to contusions.
  11. My friend said he wanted to become a professional alpine skier but he just went downhill

Skier joke, My friend said he wanted to become a professional alpine skier

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Former Olympic skier Pickabo Street donated money to a local hospital...

Former Olympic skier Pickabo Street donated money to a local hospital. In gratitude, the hospital named their emergency ward after her-- it's now the Picabo ICU.

Three guys were camping together

And they all had to share a tent, sleeping side by side.
They go to bed, and when they wake up, one of the guys said, I had the weirdest thing happen last night. I had my first w**... since I was a teenager.
Shocked, another one of the campers spoke up. You know what? I also had a w**... last night.
The last guy chimes in and says, you guys are lucky. In my dream, I was an Olympic skier.

3 skiers

3 skiers arrive at the lodge to find there is only one room available. They reluctantly accept, and find that it has only one bed. Come time to sleep they agree to share the bed.
The next morning the 3 awake to which says, "last night I had the most vivid dream that I was getting a h**...." Another replies, "I had a dream like that too." And the third simply says, "huh, I dreamed I was skiing."

Skier joke, What did the confident skier say when he had diarrhea?