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A six-year-old and a four-year-old are about to go downstairs for breakfast.

The six-year-old says to the four-year-old, "All right, we're gonna start cussing today. I'm gonna use hell in a sentence, and you're gonna use ass." The four-year-old agrees, and they go downstairs.

The children's mom asks the boys what they would like for breakfast. "Aw, hell, I think I'll have some Cheerios," says the six-year-old. The mother whacks the kid back up the stairs.

"And what would YOU like, young man?" asks the mother.

"You bet your sweet ass I don't want any Cheerios."


Father and Son, a little

A father's six-year old son walks up to his dad and says, "daddy, will you buy me a bicycle?"

The dad looks at him and says, "Does your dick reach your asshole?"

The son looks down and mumbles "no."

Then the dad says, "Well, there's your answer."

A few years later, the son asks his dad "Dad, will you buy me a guitar?"

The dad says, "Does your dick reach your asshole?"

The son says no, and the dad tells him once again that his answer is no.

A few years after that, the son confidently walks up to his dad and says "Dad, will you buy me a car?"

The dad asks him the same question: "Does your dick reach your asshole?"

Smiling, the son says "Yes it does? So can I have the car?"

The dad shrugs and says "No, you can go fuck yourself."


My six-year old cousin wanted to know how traffic lights worked...

So she asked her dad, "Daddy, what does the yellow light mean?"

"Slow down," my uncle replied.

"Okay. Whaaat doooes the yelllowwww liiiight meeeaaaannn?"


"What's a fly spray?" I asked my six-year old son.

He said, "It's something that gets eaten by flies."


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