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Funniest Sixty Nine Short Jokes

Short sixty nine jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The sixty nine humour may include short sixty jokes also.

  1. Son: Hey dad, can I borrow ten dollars in Bitcoin? Dad: Twenty dollars and thirteen cents? Why in God's name do you need to borrow nine dollars and sixty-seven cents?
  2. What did the toast say to his partner while they were doing sixty nine? Babe, I'm gonna crumb!
  3. What's the square root of sixty-nine? What's the square root of sixty-nine?
  4. Things are not working out with my math teacher girlfriend but she is really good at s**.... I don't know whether to eighty-six her or sixty-nine her.
  5. Miss Piggy could never really count to sixty-nine on camera. Every time she did, she got a frog in her t**....
  6. David Guetta - Shot Me Down (p**... version) I was five and he was six...ty nine , bang bang

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Sixty Nine One Liners

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  1. My therapist asked me how many times a day I act immature. I responded, "sixty-nine."
  2. What's LXIX? Sixty-nine the hard way
  3. What do you call two skunks sixty-nining? Odor eaters.
  4. What time is it? It's sixty nine o' clock

Sixty Nine Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Interviewer: You said you are quick in mathematics, could you tell me what is a two hundred and fifty times eighty whole divided by sixty nine?

Man: Six thousand eight hundred and fourty five.
Interviewer: Hm... that's not the right answer...
Man: But i'm quick.

A guy picks up a waitress at a Chinese restaurant...

A guy picks up an innocent, young waitress at a Chinese restaurant and after a night out gets her back to his place. After some fooling around he's ready for action and says, "How's about a little sixty-nine?" to which she replies, "You want broccoli with beef?!"

A Chinese husband and wife are having a busy night in their restaurant..

..when an old friend of the husband makes a surprise visit, the two men have a few drinks to celebrate and after a while the husband tells his wife they are going to a nearby pub, but won't be long.
The husband eventually comes home at 3am and gently awakens his wife and asks "Hey, what about a little sixty nine?"
She flies into a rage, "You go out drinking with your friend, you knew how busy the restaurant was, you leave me to do all the hard work, and now you expect me to get up and make you Mongolian Lamb with Snow Peas!?"

A man marries a Chinese restaurant waitress...

On their wedding night, she says to him -
Bride: "Dear husband, I want to give you anything you want! Just name it!"
Groom: "Ooh, that's tough to chose. OK, I really want a sixty nine."
Bride (confused): "You want beef broccoli *now*?"

A Chinese man came home after a late night of drinking, and crawls in bed next to his sleeping wife.

After lying awake for a few minutes, he wakes up his wife and says "Hey honey, wanna do a sixty-nine?"
"Well, you've got a lot of nerve! First you come home late, you're drunk, and now you expect me to go to the kitchin and fix you Mongolian beef with snow-peas!"