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Why do porn sites have a share to Google+ option?

I don't want my friends knowing I use Google+.


Calm down about the Net Neutrality thing...

Paying additional money to access certain sites will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.


If you buy stuff on line, check out the seller carefully

Be careful what you purchase on ebay or other sites.

A friend of mine just spent $100 on a penis enlarger.
He received a magnifying glass.

The only instructions said: Do not use in the sunlight.


During sexual intercourse Jimmy suddenly stops and becomes motionless..


Girl: What the heck are you doing??

Jimmy: I have seen this on adult porn sites, it's called "buffering"


This guy sites down next to a pretty young girl at a bar

This guy sites down next to a pretty young lady at a bar and they strike up a conversation. The conversation is going pretty well, so the guy says "you remind me of my little toe." The lady, who is a bit confused, responds "is that because I'm small and cute?" The guy responds "no, it's because I'm going to bang you on the coffee table when I get home."


Why do dinosaurs use Christian dating sites?

Because they can lie about their age!


Why, I visit porn sites, there is a woman with her boobs out asking me if I'm tired of masturbating, want to meet local girls?

Why, I visit porn sites, there is a woman with her boobs out asking me if I'm tired of masturbating, want to meet local girls?
No I fucking don't. I met a local girl 10 years ago that's why I'm on this site masturbating


I'm a white guy, which is why this joke works....

I've been trying this internet dating thing and I heard that in order to get dates from these sites your profile REALLY has to stand out from rest... Which is total bullshit cause I've spent 2 months on ... Nothing!!!!


I was just flipping through a pictorial of Betty White on one of those celebrity sites...

And I realized it was Lindsey Lohan. True Story.


Child "modeling" sites are on the decline. Experts say that now the most worrisome thing about the current state of pedophilia is...

all the Lostprophets.


An Australian man decides to visit New York City...

An Australian man decides to visit New York City one day. After the long flight, he decides that he wants to wander around and see the sites. As he is crossing a busy street however, traffic picks up all around him, and he is stuck in the middle of the road. Several police officers notice his dilemma and halt traffic to help him out. One of the officers walks up to him angrily and asks "What's the matter?! Did you come here to die?"

The Australian man simply replies "Nah mate, I came here yesterday!"


So a man was on vacation in the holy land

A man and his wife where off on a lovely vacation in the holy land touring biblical sites when a few days before they where supposed to leave his wife dropped dead of a heart attack. So the man was approached by the mortician who told him he could fly her back to the states for a few thousand dollars and have the funeral there or he could stay and have a beautiful funeral in the holy land for a couple hundred.

"Let's fly her back" The man said.

"But why?" asked the mortician, "We would hold a grand funeral for her, it would be magnificent!"

"Well," said the man, "A long time ago a guy was buried here and rose from the dead after a few days."

"So?" asked the mortician

"I don't wanna take any chances."


A Texan Visits Israel

A Texan visits Israel for vacation and spends several weeks travelling around to see the different sites. One day, while making his way through the countryside to a destination, he realizes he is quite thirsty and stops at a small farm to request a drink. The owner of the farm is quite friendly and provides the Texan with a drink of water. Israel is not a particularly large country and has a fairly large population, so the individual farmsteads are rather small. Noticing this, and feeling friendly, the Texan talks a bit.

'Back in a Texas, I'm a farmer too, although it's a bit different there. If I climb in my truck early in the morning and drive until noon across my property, I'm not even halfway across. If I keep driving until the sun sets, I'll have only reached the other end of my property, and I'll have to camp out and drive back the next day'

The Israeli farmer nods before responding

'I once had a truck like that'



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