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  1. My sister made me some coffee today Me: You make a mean cup of coffee, sis
    Her: It was good?
    Me: I just said it was average.
  2. My step sis asked me to bring her something hard to write on... Idk why she's so mad, it's really hard to write on scrambled eggs.
  3. Just waiting for my sister at Heathrow Airport, as I saw her emerge in arrivals I shouted, "Hi sis, " Never seen as many armed police appear as quickly in my life!
  4. My sister suddenly started sobbing talking about her job prospects with a philosophy degree. I said, Are you having an existential cry, sis?
  5. A little boy says to his sister: "Guess what sis, I have two Blow Pops!" Sister: "Oh thank God, that means he won't make me do it tonight."
  6. My sister trod on my foot… My sister trod on my foot so hard that part of it split off and formed an exact replica of me.
    'My toe Sis!' I yelled.
  7. My older sibling is annoyed that I've started pretending to be her. She thinks I'm trying to steal her life, but I keep telling her I just identify as sis-gender.
  8. Elise heard her little brother sniffling in the next room, so she went over and asked him what was wrong. I'm just having a bit of a cry sis, he said.
  9. My sister graduated from college over a year ago and is still unemployed... I found her sobbing on the couch so I asked, "having an existential cry, sis?"
  10. I saw my sister sobbing in her room, worried that her Philosophy degree might be worthless in today's job market. I said, Are you having an existential cry, sis?

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  1. "Dad, what do you think about abortion?" --Ask your sister
    --But I don't have a sis...
  2. What Do You Call A Schizophrenic Nun? Psycho-sis
  3. What do you call it when your female sibling goes crazy? Psycho-sis
  4. What did the cell say when his sister stepped on his foot? OUCH! MY-TOE-SIS!
  5. What did the step bro say to the step sis? NoChromo
  6. What sis Selenium say to Xenon? U SeXe.
  7. What did the cell say to its sister when she stepped on its foot? Ouch! My toe, sis!
  8. Sis. Boom. Bah. What is the sound of an exploding sheep?
  9. What did the developing embryo say to his fraternal twin sister? "My toes, sis'!"
  10. What did the bacterium do when its sibling stepped on its toe? "My toe sis!"
  11. What did the fertile spot in the desert with water tell it's sister? Oh, ey sis
  12. What did the drunk Scotsman say to the Iraqi nun? "AYEEEE SIS"
  13. What do you hear when a sheep blows up? Sis boom baa
  14. Sis-Boom-Ba... What sound does a sheep holding a stick of dynamite make?
  15. My sister asked me what the point of blinking was I said moist your eyes sis

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Dad explained the difference between theory and reality.

Dad told me to ask mom if she would sleep with the neighbor for one million dollars. Mom said she would. Dad then told me to ask my sister if she would sleep with the neighbor for one million dollars. Sis said she would. Dad said right. In theory, we are sitting on two million dollars. In reality, we are living with two w**....

n**... Son: Dad, remember when I killed that butterfly........

At Family Dinner:
Son: Dad, remember when I killed that butterfly and you told me, "no butter for a week?"
Dad: yeah...
Son: and when sis killed that honeybee and you said, "no honey for a week?"
Dad: yeah, that was a month ago. So what?
Son: Mom just killed a cockroach, should I break it to her?

Not my joke but my 5 year old sister's

Mom is cooking up some mac and cheese for my little sis and says," Come get your macaroni and cheese."
To which my sister replies," I said I want mac and cheese, NO Caroni!"
My 5yr old sis is smarter than me

A boy learned about abortion is school one day...

When the boy got home he found his parents on the couch.
"Mom, Dad, what do you think about abortion?" He asked.
"I don't know," replied his dad, "ask your sister."
"I don't have a sis-"
(Thanks to my friend, Alex, for telling me that joke.)

I'm 18 and I have yet to have my period. My lil sis is 17 and has been having them since 13, I'm ashamed to talk to my friends because I don't know if I have a problem.

Or does it take longer if you're a boy?

What does a r**... say after s**...?

Thanks, sis.

My sister was diagnosed with a terminal disease affecting the lungs...

The doctor said she only had 5 more years to live. Her last wish before she died was to go to Berkeley University. I thought it over for a while and said To Berk You Go Sis!

My sister when through a phase where she spontaneously split down the middle making two identical copies. Now they are...

My one Sis and Mitosis.

What did the r**... say after his girlfriend swallowed?

You gots the purdiest tooth I ever comed across, Sis.

My sister asked me who my "n**... friend" was..

I said, "That's Ray, sis."

Two sisters are talking & one of them starts complaining about being on her period and starts venting about boy problems...

Her sister condescendingly replies You just have problems with men sis

What do you you call r**... foreplay?

Hey sis, you awake?

Hey sis.. Stop hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself I said

My brother *Crying*: Is this why you wanted an open casket??

My sister wanted to know if I could think of a good name for her Mancunian britpop covers band

No way, sis.

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