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  1. When it comes to women, I'm usually denser than a collapsed star. Sometimes I even achieve singularity.
  2. Husband: What's your most hated part of the english language? Wife: The singular second person personal pronoun.
    Husband: What?
    Wife: YOU.
  3. In Spanish the gender of the word for water changes depending on if it is singular or plural. El Agua, Las Aguas. I guess that means it is gender fluid.
  4. There's a new perfume being marketed to the super poor that contains a singular ingredient... It's called One Scent
  5. Do people with multiple personalities prefer… …to be referred to as plural pronouns or singular pronouns?
  6. The singular of Sheep So if the plural of goose is geese,
    And the plural of moose is meese,
    Then the singular of sheep is shoop!
  7. My friend compared me to a singular cloud in an otherwise blue summer sky No one wants me around.
    Which admittedly is pretty great...I had no idea he thought so highly of me.
  8. Are you a singularity? Not only are you attractive, but the closer I get to you, the faster time seems to slip by.
  9. On Monday I turned up to a zoo I was expecting it to be good fun, But there was nothing but a singular dog. It was a s**...-zu
  10. Yo mama's so fat, physicists hate her when she undresses. Nobody likes a n**... singularity.

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  1. Are there a lot of first-person singular objective pronouns… …or is it just me?
  2. What's the singular of "Women's Studies?" Study abroad.
  3. What's the singular form of 'werewolves'? I am a wolf
  4. What's the plural of neckbeard? There isn't one. They're all singular.
  5. When is "us" singular and 'i' plural? When you're Roman.
  6. What's black and devours blonde, red and pale? A singularity!
  7. What are the chances of Gru's henchmen having a singular eye? One in a minion
  8. WORD AVALANCHE: Added Friend Singularly Declared to Yours Truly Sum Buddy Once Told Me...
  9. A singular is one thing... A couple, now that's another.
  10. What is the singular form of binoculars? telescope
  11. Don's say "magicarps", "magicarp" is already plural. The singular would be "magus carp".
  12. what do you call a marina run by a singular mexican man? boats and José
  13. It remains a puzzle... ...why a bra is singular and p**... are plural.
  14. Why is a bra singular and p**... plural?

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Dad: Why did the Grammar teacher slap you today?

Dad: Why did the Grammar teacher slap you today?
Son: I just wanted to clear my doubt. I asked her a valid question for which she had no answer, so she took out her frustration by being violent.
Dad : What was the question?
Son: I asked her why 'bra' is singular when it covers two things & p**...' plural when it covers only one

The other day I failed my grade 10 English exam for the third year in a row

My friend called it quite a feat.
I smugly corrected him and said, "the singular is actually 'a foot.'"
How did that d**... even pass??