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Dad: Why did the Grammar teacher slap you today?

Dad: Why did the Grammar teacher slap you today?
Son: I just wanted to clear my doubt. I asked her a valid question for which she had no answer, so she took out her frustration by being violent.
Dad : What was the question?
Son: I asked her why 'bra' is singular when it covers two things & p**...' plural when it covers only one

What's the plural of neckbeard?

There isn't one. They're all singular.

When is "us" singular and 'i' plural?

When you're Roman.

It remains a puzzle...

...why a bra is singular and p**... are plural.

In Spanish the gender of the word for water changes depending on if it is singular or plural. El Agua, Las Aguas.

I guess that means it is gender fluid.

Do people with multiple personalities prefer…

…to be referred to as plural pronouns or singular pronouns?

Why is a bra singular and p**... plural?

The singular of Sheep

So if the plural of goose is geese,
And the plural of moose is meese,
Then the singular of sheep is shoop!

Don's say "magicarps", "magicarp" is already plural.

The singular would be "magus carp".

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