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Funniest Singing Short Jokes

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  1. My laptop was making funny noises today, it sounded like it was singing... Probably because it's a Dell
  2. I just got kicked out of karaoke night for singing "Danger Zone" six times in a row… They said I exceeded my maximum number of Loggins attempts…
  3. My wife threatened to leave me because I wouldnt stop singing "I'm a believer". I thought she was joking And then I saw her face...
  4. Businessman: How much will it cost to buy a large singing group? I need one for a party. Lady: Do you mean a choir?
    Businessman: Okay, fine. How much does it cost to acquire a large singing group?
  5. A Genie once granted me one wish, so I said I just want to be happy . So now I'm living in a little cottage with 6 dwarfs, working in a mine and singing ?'Whistle while you work…….' ?
  6. My urge to sing "The lion Sleeps Tonight" is just a whim away a whim away, a whim away, a whim away
  7. At any given time, the urge to sing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" is just a whim away... A whim away, a whim away.
  8. What is the name of a rock group that has four members yet none of them sing? Mount Rushmore
  9. If we're saying Amen and Awomen now... Are we going to start having to sing hymns and herns?
  10. Congratulations to Tu Youyou on winning the Nobel Prize in medicine and for being the most confusing person to sing Happy Birthday to.

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Singing One Liners

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  1. What rock group has four men that don't sing? Mount Rushmore.
  2. The urge to sing The Lion Sleeps Tonight is always just a whim away Aweem away
  3. My wife asked if I could stop singing 'Wonderwall' I said maybe
  4. My girlfriend begged me to stop singing Wonderwall... I said maybe.
  5. What do you call a singing laptop? A Dell
  6. What do you call a pod of singing killer whales? An orcapella group
  7. Which rock group has 4 men that can't sing? Mount Rushmore
  8. Nothing beats a beautiful woman that can also sing Well, except Chris Brown.
  9. My wife asked me to please quit singing Wonderwall in the shower I said maybe.
  10. What rock group has 4 guys who don't sing? Mount Rushmore...
  11. My wife asked me to stop singing Wonderwall I said maybe.
  12. Are Christian's allowed to sing eminem in church? Or do their Psalms get sweaty?
  13. How do you get a football player to stop resisting arrest? Sing the national anthem
  14. What computer monitor sings the best? A Dell.
  15. Why do people say amen instead of awomen at church? Because they sing hymns, not hers.

Singing Christmas Jokes

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  • I got yelled at in LA today for singing Christmas Carols. I guess they don't wanna hear about how the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful.
  • What's the difference between modern pop and Christmas music? One is 6 people singing 100 songs, the other is 100 people singing 6 songs.
  • Around this time of the year, I start carrying around a stone with me to throw at people who are singing Christmas songs already. It's my jingle bell rock.
  • Why does Joe Exotic avoid singing Christmas songs? He hates carols.
  • So last year I started a tradition, I carry a pebble and throw it at anyone who sings Christmas songs before December.... I call it my Jingle Bell Rock.
  • What Christmas Carol do they sing in North Korea? We Three Kims
  • My wife asked me to get out of the house because I can't stop singing Christmas songs. I said, But Baby, it's cold outside.
  • My wife says she is going to kick me out if I keep singing anymore Christmas songs.. ..I said, 'but baby, it's cold outside'
  • What Christmas carol do they sing at a Psychiatric hospital? Do you hear what I hear?
  • Remember that scene from A Christmas Story where the people at the Chinese restaurant were singing "Fa ra ra ra raaa..."? They were really filled with that no-L spirit.

Bad Singing Jokes

Here is a list of funny bad singing jokes and even better bad singing puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • My singing voice sounds bad in my tiny apartment. It's a little flat.
  • Justin Timberlake is bad at geography He sings this song, "Crimea River", but I checked, and Crimea is a peninsula, not a river.
  • My doctor warned me that constantly singing frank sinatra songs was bad for my health, but I just wouldn't listen. And now, the end is near.
  • You stop bad music with a tuning fork. How do you stop bad singing? A pitchfork
  • I opened the fridge today and the milk was singing a Michael Jackson song I think it's Bad
  • Which calendar era did Michael Jackson most like to sing about? A)BC
  • I was already on stage when I realized Take On Me was a bad karaoke song for me to sing... It was a real Aha moment.
  • Fergie singing the National Anthem was so bad...
  • Why did George Thorogood sing Bad to the Bone? Because he had osteoporosis
Singing joke, Why did George Thorogood sing Bad to the Bone?

Singing joke, Why did George Thorogood sing Bad to the Bone?

Cheerful Singing Jokes for Unforgettable Laughter with Friends!

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I once attended a sermon at a church in Finland.

The congregation must have been huge Mortal Kombat fans because they were singing a Finnish hymn.

At this time of the year....

....there's nothing I love more than sitting in front of a warm fire, mulled wine in hand, and singing Christmas songs until I slowly fall asleep.
And that's why I'm no longer a fireman...

Indian Taxi Driver

My regular Indian taxi driver picked me up whilst singing along to his c**... Punjabi music at the top of his voice.
He smiled when I pulled out my set of new ear plugs, "Looks like you've come prepared this time," he said laughing.
I smiled back at him, "Yes," I replied, as I put them up my nostrils.    

Why was the cotton candy singing?

Grandma, hush, that's Nicki Minaj

I like to yard work listening to Judas Priest...

......singing at the top of my lungs: RAKING THE LAWN RAKING THE LAWN!

I walked in on my wife singing the other day.

Surprised, I said "Oh, I thought you were the radio."
Flattered, she asked "Did you come to listen?"
"No," I replied, "I came to turn it off."

A man goes to the doctor...

... and he says, "Doc, I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I can't stop shaking my hips and singing Tom Jones songs."
To which the doctor replies, "Clearly sir, you have Tom Jones' Disease."
The man asks, "Is this common?"
The doctor answers, "It's not unusual."

When my Mom found out I had asthma she sent me to a camp for Asthmatic children.

It was so much fun.. singing songs around the Humidifire. ( yes I know how I spelt it )

A man goes to his doctor

"Doc, you gotta help me. I can't stop singing What's New p**...."
"Oh, that sounds like Tom Jones Syndrome," said the doctor.
"Tom Jones Syndrome? Is that rare?"
"It's not unusual."

"Tom Jones Syndrome"

A man is in the waiting room at his Doctor's office and finally, the Doc arrives.
"Hello Jim what seems to be the problem today?"
Jim replies "Doc, you've gotta help me. I can't stop singing 'She's a Lady' by Tom Jones!"
The Doc says "oh yes, that is 'Tom Jones Syndrome'"
"Is it common?" Jim asks
"Well it's not unusual"
First post.

Why are pirates good at singing?

They have great hARRRmony.
I'm sorry.

A guy goes to see his doctor...

He says to his doctor:
>Man: "Doctor, I can't get that song "She's a Lady" out of my head... I keep singing it over and over, but it just won't go away...."
>Doctor: "Hmmm.... sounds like a case of Tom Jones Syndrome."
>Man: "Oh no.... Is it serious?"
>Doctor: "Well, it's not unusual."

Why did the cat stop singing?

Because it was out of tuna.

My friend asked me to stop singing Wonderwall the other week

I said maybe

My GF begged me to stop singing Linkin Park

I tried so hard.

A coworker asked me if I would please quit loudly singing along with my Oasis mix tape this morning.

I said maybe...

Singing in the shower is all fun and games

Until you get soap in your mouth, then it just becomes a soap opera

Someone asked me to stop singing wonderwall

I said maybe

Why did the Chemist give up a singing career?

He could not hit any of the ketones.

I don't understand why women love singing "Let it go"...

...Since most of them keep grudges for life.

My son asked me to stop singing oasis songs in public...

I said maybe.

Funniest thing my gf has ever said

We were at a a red light and i noticed a woman in the car behind me making a lot of arm and hand motions. No one was in the car with her (probably on bluetooth).
Me: Hey babe look at this woman behind us. What is she doing? She's just flailing her arms around but there isn't any one with her.
GF: Maybe she's deaf and she's singing to herself.

People asked me to stop singing Wonderwall.

I said maybe.

A guy goes to see his doctor...

He says, "Doctor, I can't stop singing the Green Green Grass of Home."
The Doctor says, "Hmmm, it sounds to me like a case of Tom Jones Syndrome."
"Tom Jones Syndrome, is that common?"
"It's not unusual."


When my wife starts to sing I always go out and do some garden work so our neighbors can see there's no domestic violence going on.

I just got a new doorbell that when the button is pressed has a gorilla singing about table tennis.

It's called The King Kong Ping Pong Sing Song Ding d**...

I asked my mom why she forced me to go to to singing lessons as a kid

She said singing is a skill I need to a choir.

My girlfriend left me because I couldn't stop singing Linkin Park.

I don't know why it made her so angry, but in the end, it doesn't really matter.

I overheard my wife singing in the shower.

"You should go on America's Got Talent," I told her.
"I can't sing," she replied.
I said, "Exactly."

My computer won't stop crying and singing about break ups...

That's the last time I buy A Dell.

My girlfriend asked me to stop singing The Monkees.

I thought she was lying, but then I saw her face...

My girlfriend asked me to stop singing Oasis songs.

I said maybe.

Dyslexic man walks into a bra

Whole joke in title! New era of convenience! In mother Russia, joke laughs at you!
***Bonus***, since you came in here anyway:
Doc, I can't stop singing the 'Green Green Grass of Home'. He said: 'That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome'. 'Is it common?'I asked. 'It's not unusual' he replied.

My barber asked me to stop singing Wonderwall

I said maybe
You're gonna be the one that shaves me (shaves me)

A man goes to the doctor's office...

He tells the doctor "It's the strangest thing. Every time I see a cat, I can't help singing "What's new p**..., woah-oh-oh".
The doctor says "I've heard of this before! It's called 'Tom Jones Syndrome'"
"Tom Jones Syndrome?" The man asks. "Is it common?"
"It's not unusual"

My girlfriend asked me to stop singing Smash Mouth songs.

I said Hey Now...

My wife asked me if I would stop singing Oasis...

I said maybe....

My girlfriend told me if I didn't stop singing "I'm a believer" by smash mouth she would dump me...

I thought she was joking
But then i saw her face

A proud father

A man asks a friend to come to his house and listen to his daughter sing.
After she is done singing the proud father looks at his friend and says " well how do you like her what do think of her execution"
His friend looks over at him and says "man, I'm in favor of it"

Society is full of double standards

For example, when Ariel from The Little Mermaid swims around half n**..., singing with her underwater friends, people say that she is "sweet" and "beautiful"
But when I do it, people say that I'm "drunk" and "no longer welcome at the aquarium".

Why did Walt Disney fire Snow White?

'Cause she kept sitting on Pinocchios' face singing 'tell me lies, tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies'.
*Joke's from my Dad and his friend*

Only one man is happy about what's going on in Texas.

George Strait.
I can just picture him watching the news while singing "All my ex's live in Texas".

A guy goes to the doctor.

A guy goes to the doctor.
"Doc, I can't stop singing 'The green, green grass of home.'"
"That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome."
"Is it common?"
"It's not unusual."

I was booed off stage and locked out of a karaoke bar for singing Danger Zone too many times very poorly

They told me I had too many unsuccessful Loggins attempts

After s**..., girl starts singing ABCDEFG

I just gave you h**....

whenever my wife starts singing around the house I immediately go into the yard

That way the neighbors know I'm not hitting her

" doctor I can't stop singing What's New p**...."

" I think you might have Tom Jones syndrome."
" is it rare?" " it's not unusual."

Some people told me to stop singing Wonderwall

I said maybe

"How much to buy a singing ensemble?"

PRODUCER: You mean a choir?
"Fine, how much to acquire a singing ensemble?"

So I found out that my computer is really good at singing

But that makes sense
After all, it is a dell

A man is looking for a p**...,

He comes across a woman who says she can give a guy head while singing.
The man says "I'll give you $50, just tell me how you do it."
"No," she replies "Just let me do it."
He agrees.
They go into a hotel room and she starts blowing him while singing away.
The man says, "Turn on the lights and let me see how you're doing that."
She replies "Hold on, let me put my glass eye back in."

I was having trouble finding a singing partner,

so I bought myself a duet yourself kit.

World War 1 could've been easily be prevented..

I mean, singing Take me out probably wasn't Franz Ferdinand's brightest idea.

What do you call it when a trickster god is singing just a little flat, but nobody really notices?

Low-key low key Loki.

A guy says, ...

A guy says, "Help me, doctor, I can't stop singing What's new p**...?"
The doctor says, "Oh no, you may have Tom Jones disease."
Guy says, "I've never heard of that. Is it rare?"
The doctor says, "It's not unusual."

"Doctor, Doctor, I can't stop singing 'I Want It That Way'."

Doctor: "Tell me why."

I got kicked out of my aunt's f**... for singing a song...

It was the Pink Panther theme. Dead aunt, dead aunt, dead aunt dead aunt dead aunt...

All 8 planets are singing Happy Birthday to the Sun and it sounds terrible.

Everyone turns to Earth and Earth says, "don't look at me, I'm not flat"

One time, I was out scuba diving when I suddenly heard beautiful voices singing in unison.

I was very surprised until I looked beneath me and realized it was coming from a choral reef.

My wife told me to stop singing "I'm a believer" or she'd kill me. I thought she was joking...

...and then I saw her face...

40 blondes decided to tour London in a double Decker bus

The ones up on the top were terrified while the ones on the bottom were singing and partying. Finally the tour guide went up to the top to ask why they weren't happy like the others. One of the blondes said, "that's easy for you to say, you have a driver!"

My wife told me I need to stop singing Wonderwall

I said, "maybe"

I saw a lonely young man sitting at the bar

He was softly singing to himself *21 today, 21 today*.
Feeling sorry for the lad I bought him a beer.
With a smile and a nod of the head he sings *22 today, 22 today*!

Me: How much to buy the singing ensemble?

Person: You mean a choir?
Me: Fine, how much to acquire the singing ensemble?

My wife asked me to stop singing WONDERWALL to her.


"Doctor! Doctor! I can't stop singing Delilah!"

"It sounds like you have Tom Jones Syndrome."
"Is it common?"
"It's not unusual..."

How much to buy a singing ensemble!? I asked the clerk. Puzzled, he questioned, "You mean a choir?"

Fine! How much to acquire a singing ensemble!?

Singing in the shower is fun until shampoo gets in your mouth

then it turns into a soap opera

Singing in the shower is fun until you get soap in your mouth.

Then it becomes a soap opera.

My boyfriend asked me if I could stop singing Wonderwall

I said maybe

Doctor, I can't stop singing The Green Green Grass of Home. He says That sounds like Tom Jones syndrome. Is it common? I asked.

" It's not unusual", he replied.

Bilbo Baggins woke up in the morning and heard someone singing Don't Stop Believing.

It was an unexpected Journey.

Singing joke, Bilbo Baggins woke up in the morning and heard someone singing  Don't Stop Believing.

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