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I Am Sikh

Khushwant Singh told a friend:

"Once I was travelling from Mumbai to Singapore. A woman sitting next seat continued looking at me. I understood that this lady had never seen a Sardar before. Midway in the flight when the tea and snacks were served, I struck a conversation with the lady. Her name was Margarita and she belonged to Spain.
During the conversation, she asked, "what are you?"
I replied, "I am Sikh."
"I am sorry," said the young lady, "hope you get well soon."
To this I replied,"no dear, I am not sick as that of the body, I am Sikh as of religion."
The lady was very pleased and shook hands with me and said, "it is nice meeting you, I am also sick of religion." "

3 years ago during my first reservists training

I am from Singapore and all relatively healthy males need to serve the army for 2 years and 10 reservist cycles

During my first reservists, many of our combat boots start to fall apart due to the adhesive hardening up and breaking apart, thus many of us have to walk to the store to purchase new boots while wearing the boots that were disintegrating with every step

There is only 1 route and it is a walk by the road, and many boots do not hold itself together long enough to reach the store

I call this road

*The road of lost soles*

What's the time difference..?

A blonde called a telephone operator.

Blonde: Could you tell me the time difference between Singapore and London?

Operator: Just a minute…

Blonde : Thank you *puts down the phone*

Singapore: *looking northward, tips fedora*


Where is the worst part of America?

Singapore currently

I got vagina in China, got some more in Singapore, got some booty in Djibouti

But I got gonorrhea in Korea.

Do you know which country they only write songs about poverty in?


What does a fedora guy say on the Singapore border?


You know Singapore?

With all that damn poverty it's like Multipore

If Korean pop is Kpop

Then are hits from Singapore Shit?

Kids Party Planner Singapore

Kids Party Planner, Kids Party Singapore, Kids Party Planner Singapore,

Why is Singapore looking to purchase the latest Lockheed Martin F-35 fighter plane?

Because we have to keep up with our neighbor Malaysia who has had her own stealth fighter of her own since 2014.

It's called MH370.

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