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BREAKING: Singapore announces plans to decriminalize gay s**....

Bangkok to follow.

I am sick

Once I was traveling from Mumbai to Singapore. A woman sitting next seat continued looking at me. I understood that this lady had never seen a Sikh person before.
Midway in the flight when the tea and snacks were served, I struck a conversation with the lady.
Her name was Margarita and she belonged to Spain.
She asked, "what are you?"
I replied, "I am Sikh."
"I am sorry," said the young lady, "hope you get well soon."
I replied,"no dear, I am not sick as that of the body, I am Sikh as of religion."
She shook hands with me and said, "it is nice meeting you, I am also sick of religion."

What's the time difference..?

A blonde called a telephone operator.
Blonde: Could you tell me the time difference between Singapore and London?
Operator: Just a minute…
Blonde : Thank you *puts down the phone*

Singapore: *looking northward, tips fedora*


Where is the worst part of America?

Singapore currently

Bad joke I came up with

Where do unsuccessful singers live?

What is globalization?

Question : What is globalization?
Answer : Princess Diana's death
Question : How come?
Answer :
An English princess with an
Egyptian boyfriend crashes in a
French tunnel, driving a
German car with a
Dutch engine, driven by a
Belgian who was high on
Scottish whiskey, followed closely by
Italian Paparazzi, on
Japanese motorcycles, treated by an
American doctor, using
Brazilian medicines!
And this is sent to you by a
Canadian, using
Bill Gates' technology which he got from the
And you are probably reading this on
one of the IBM clones that use
Philippine-made chips, and
Korean made monitors, assembled by Bangladeshi
workers in a Singapore plant, transported by lorries
driven by Indians, hijacked by Indonesians and finally
sold to you by a Chinese!

Do you know which country they only write songs about poverty in?


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