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An ultralow frequency sine wave radiates into a bar.

The bartender says, "Hey, why the long phase?"

Mr Sine and Miss Cosine go on their honeymoon..

Mr Sine and Miss Cosine get married and head for their honeymoon to a seaside destination. So they're chilling by the beach, and sipping on their drinks, and things get naughty soon. During a lovemaking session on the beach, Sine whispers into Cosine's ear, "It's a good thing I'm not on top, or we'd both be tanned".

How do deaf mathematicians communicate?

Sine language!

My attempt at a sexy math joke

A sine wave and a cosine wave are trying to have a baby. They are deeply religious so the only position they are able to do is missionary. After many attempts they think they might have conceived a child. The cosine wave grabs a pregnancy test, goes into the bathroom, and comes out a couple of minutes later. The sine wave says "well is it negative or positive?" and the cosine wave says "no, it's tangent."

jokes about sine

Sine, cosine and ln(x) are at a party

Sine approaches cosine and says, "Hey, what's ln(x) doing over in the corner by himself?". Cosine responds, "You see, ln(x) doesn't integrate very well".

Hey girl whats your sine?

It must be 90 degrees because you're the 1.

What does a deaf math nerd speak?

Sine language.

Sine joke, What does a deaf math nerd speak?

Why Couldn't Anyone Understand The Mute Mathematician's?

They didn't speak sine language.

My friend asked what the difference between sin 135 and cos 135

I told him, "just change the sine."

A Mexican wrote a function for me today

It was a sine from Jèsus

Mr. Sine and his missus Cosine went for their honeymoon on a beach

Mr. Sine and his missus Cosine went for their honeymoon on a beach and got a Tan.

When they returned it took them a Sec to find that they needed a new Cot.

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As a child I was obsessed with the difference between cosine and sine

As I got older I realized it was just a phase

I just discovered that sin 90Β° = 1...

...this is a good sine.

Did you hear about the mathematician who became a monk?

One evening he was solving a trigonometric equation and then he saw a sine.

Why didn't the triangle go outside to get a tan?

Cos the sine said so!

My teenage son is obsessed with the difference between sine and cosine.

But I'm sure it's just a phase.

Sine joke, My teenage son is obsessed with the difference between sine and cosine.

Friend: Whats wrong?

Me: I can't remember how to calculate sine

Friend: ah

Me: No that's cosine

Friend: oh

Me: Right, thanks!

I had a trig teacher that could never stay focused...

He always went off on a tangent.

I don't know for certain, but it could be a sine of something serious.

A conversation between a forgetful mathematician and a blonde

Mathematician: "Excuse me, I seem to have forgotten the value for the sine function. Do you know what it is?"

Blonde: Ah???

Mathematician: No, not that, that's for cosine.

Blonde: Oh...

Mathematician: That's it! Thank you!

A nerd was invited to compete in the Trigonometry Mathletic Competition...

he said:
"Sine me up!"

Math Puns

The first sine of madness.

How can you tell if you going crazy?

Because puns about mathematics are usually the first sine of madness

What did God give man when he created trigonometric math?

He gave man a sine.

What is the square root of Pai?

"To access your calculator's premium features like sine, square and square root, and logarithm, please call to have a contractor install the software"

Why do banks require 2 graphing calculators to take out a loan?

One to sine and the other to cosine.

How do triangles talk to each other?

Sine language

Sine joke, How do triangles talk to each other?

Why couldn't the student understand his trigonometry homework?

He didn't know sine language

Person 1: [Humming a continuous tone]

Person 2: Why are you doing that?

Person 1: Doing what?

Person 2: You're just humming the same note without stopping.

Person 1: Oh that? I'm just waving.

Person 2: Huh?

Person 1: It's sine language.

My girlfriend told me I'm like negative cosine multiplied by tangent...

My friends told me not to worry about it, but I think it's a negative sine.

My teacher frowned at me when I handed in my trigonometry test paper

I don't think that's a good sine

Why did the mathematician shout triangle! At a deaf person?

He was speaking sine language

What language is used by a deaf mathematician?

Sine language.

I used to not be able to tell the difference between sine and cosine

But it was just a phase

What's the difference between between the Sine function and a Tropical forest feline ?

While the first oscillates, the second ocelot

What's a mathematician's favorite way to communicate?

Sine language.

A thief stole a sine and a cosine.

He took the two identities to a beach. However, they were too heavy for him to carry. Β He wanted to keep them under the sand, but the beach was so narrow that it could only contain one of them: sine or cosine.

He decided that, using his mathematical skills, that he would stack sine over cosine - but that resulted in tan! He did not want to get tan. So he stacked cosind over sine...

and then he got cot.

The god I worship is d/dx(-cos(x))

Because whenever I need it, it always gives me a sine

I hate calculus...

I sometime wonder why I thought I should SINE up for this.

A mysterious force drug a pirate ship closer to the Bermuda Triangle, alarming the captain.

The captain asked the lookout in the the crow's nest what he saw.

The lookout replied, "Captain, we be sailing tangent to stormy seas. It be a sine the secant be good."

The captain responded, "Aye, the sea put this here crew in a triggy situation."

I always fail my trigonometry test

That's because I don't understand sine language

An ultra low frequency sine wave walk into a bar.

The bartender says, Why the long phase?

What did Sine and Cos say to each other?

Nothing; They just waved.

An angel once visited me but only described the measurements of a triangle to me.

Its felt like a sine from God

My maths teacher always goes off on tangents in class

They say it's the first sine of madness

How Does a Deaf Mathematician Say Hello?

With a Sine Wave!

I got fired from my job as a math teacher

I was supposed to teach the kids what sine divided by cosine was, but I kept going off on a tangent.

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