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Funniest Sin Cos Tan Short Jokes

Short sin cos tan jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The sin cos tan humour may include short sine cosine jokes also.

  1. sin and cos are lying down next to each other on the beach when all of a sudden sin jumps on top of cos. cos shouts "what are you doing?" sin replies, "im trying to get tan."
  2. Catholics fail trigonometry because they're afraid of sin Irish people fail trigonometry because they can't tan.
    Everyone else fails trigonometry just cos.
  3. Did you know the Bible forbids sunbathing in Greece? That means it is a sin to go to Cos and get a tan.
  4. Why Do Mathematicians Never Go To The Beach? Because they got sin and cos to give them a tan.
  5. Trigonometry Why can't Irish do trigonometry? They can't tan.
    Why can't Christians do trigonometry? They can't sin.
    Why can't the rest of us trigonometry? Just cos.
  6. A lot of people think a world without sin would be perfect But there's only so much you can solve with cos and tan
  7. What happened when Sin and Cos stayed out in the sun for too long? They both became tanned gents!
  8. Why Don't Mathematicians Go to the Beach? Because all they need are sin and cos to get a tan.
  9. My wife left me, Cosmo, after doing some trigonometry. She saw a tan gent and chose sin over Cos'.
  10. I don't understand what the church has against trigonometry. And they only forgive sin but not cos or tan.

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Sin Cos Tan One Liners

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  1. My maths teacher never goes outside I can tell, cos there's no sin of his tan
  2. If Jesus Christ died for our sins... then who died for our cos and tans?
  3. Why did I divide sin by tan? Just cos.
  4. Mathematical joke - Why did Sin go to the beach? Cos he wanted a Tan
  5. If Jesus died for our sins... Who died for cos and tan?
  6. Why was sin lying on top of cos at the beach? They were tanning.
  7. Why was sin afraid of tan? Just cos.
  8. Why can't you tan on a rainy day? Cos it's a sin
  9. Is it a sin to make math jokes? Cos if so, tan I'm sorry.
  10. sin asked "cos" what should they do tonight "tan" or "cot"?
  11. Why is it difficult to find Sin and Tan? Just Cos.
  12. Why didn't sin and tan go to the party? Just cos
  13. Why did the trigonometric function go to the tanning salon? Cos sin tan
    (Because suntan)
  14. Why did i devide SIN by TAN? Just COS
  15. Why did the sunbather commit a sin? Sin is the cos of tan

Sin Cos Tan Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A thief steals trigonometric functions sin and cos.

A thief steals trigonometric functions sin and cos, the police are now after him, he goes to a beach and digs up some mud, he first puts sin over cos but he doesn't want tan so he puts cos over sin and gets cot by police.

If s**... before marriage is a sin...

is s**... after marriage cos or tan?

A friend of mine said he was really surprised at how much we've discovered about trigonometric functions.

Well we've had a lot of time to study them, I responded, Cos' they're older tan sin.
Im still trying to convince him I'm telling the truth, cos e can't believe how long they've been around.

M∆tπ joke

Apparently the longer mathematicians stay in the sun, the more violent they get.
They sin cos tan.

Being a trigonometry teacher has it's pros and cons....

You may live in sin, but that's all cos you get rich, have a nice life and you can even get an awesome tan.

Christ died to absolve us of sin...

Now if only he'd come back and die two more times to get rid of cos and tan.

When a man wants to get a tan he goes under the Sun. When a cos wants to get a tan...

...He goes under the sin.