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Top 10 Funniest Simplify Jokes and Puns

I celebrate 4/20

On 1/5

Simplify your fractions!

My math teacher keeps telling me to simplify my fractions

I do it 48/14

How does a mathematician want to solve terrorism?

He wants to simplify the radicals.

It's International Women's Day today. I guess I should make some sort of sexist joke.

I'll have to simplify it for the women.

I tried to come up with a math joke...

but all my ideas were derivative
and the punchline didn't add up.
Anyway, comedy has no absolute value.
Your jokes are sum of the best,
but minus not very funny
because I'm a perfect square.
I halve one, I guess...
but you're too obtuse to get it,
and trying to simplify it
has left me divided
and at my limit.

Why couldn't the stoner simplify his binomials in front of the class?

Because a watched pothead never FOILS.

My friend was having trouble with a maths question - They couldn't decide if a number was real or imaginary

I told them not to try and simplify something so complex.

Simplify joke, My friend was having trouble with a maths question - They couldn't decide if a number was real or im

How to simplify your life

You divide it by zero.


Because your life does not have an answer.

Simplify the Equation D = 4+4

8 = D

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