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The Chess Grand Master was embarrassed when they found out he used to play a much simpler game…

…that's right, he had a checkered past.

I recently switched from Wells Fargo to a credit union... banking got much simpler - bye all accounts.

The dollar sign ($) was introduced in 1788

It was a simpler time back then. Everyone had common cents

I just made life a whole lot simpler for an overweight friend of mine...

I explained to him that every restaurant in town is an "all you can eat" place.

Back in Oedipus' day things were much simpler.

Today's kids are more confused than ever. They just want to kill their moms and have s**... with their dads.

Life used to be simpler when I was younger; I had less worries

I started out as an egg but went down the tube from there.

My sister is a mathematician...

She celebrates 4/20 on January fifth because it's just simpler that way.

Over the years, I've poured countless hours into developing a simpler, more efficient form of blood transfusion.

So far, all my efforts have been in vein.

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