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Simba was moving too slowly

So i told him to Mufasa

Simba was walking too slow...

So I told him to Mufasa.

Simba was moving slow

So I told him to mufasa.

So, I saw Simba walking today..

and he was walking too slow. So I told him "C'mon! Mufasa"!

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What do you say to Simba when he walks too slow?


What did Simba's father say when Simba was walking slowly?


What did I tell Simba when he was walking slow.

To Mufasa.

Simba was talking way too slow

so I told him to mufasa.

What did the Lion King tell Simba when he was walking too slow?


What did Simba say to his father after he died?

Stop lion around!

Why was Simba unable to save his dad in the Lion King?

He couldnt Mufasa enough.

I love the Lion King...

...but Simba is so slow.

Sometimes I wish he'd Mufasa.

Why did Simba buy a motorcycle?

So he could mufasa.

What college tuition assistance system program did Simba put in place once he became the Lion King?


Simba says, "Hey dad at school on my test I was a big cheetah."

"Just kidding, I'm lion."

How does Simba motivate his dad on a treadmill?


What did Mufasa say to Simba when he pretended to be a tiger?

Grrr, I know you lion.

Lion King joke

Q: Why is Simba an orphan?

A: Because his dad couldn't Mufasa 'nuff

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