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My buddy and I have a picture of the Islamic God on the smart card inside our mobile phones.

We're very SIM Allah.

I'm giving out my personal credit card info to anyone that wants it

It's several shades of blue, very thin, about 3 long and 2 tall with these little raised numbers and letters on it, it has what looks like a SIM card on one end, a WiFi symbol looking thingy on the front, it has a bunch of tiny words and some additional numbers on the back with a solid black section. Have fun shopping folks.

My wife asked me if I love her and I told her that my heart is like my phone and she is the Sim card. She was impressed

but I didn't tell her that my phone has dual Sim

A phone rings - Hi, this is NSA.

Hi, yeah I know.
You do? How?
Well you are calling a phone that has no SIM card or battery in it.
^((Translated from Russian, I don't think much is lost by replacing FSB))

What TV personality lives in your phone?

SIM Card-ashian! (it might help if you say it out loud)

Order by telephone only.

A friend of mine went to buy a sim card.
Turns out you need to call ahead to get one.

Why are SIM cards free?

Cause Jesus payed for our sims.

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