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  1. Anyone got a fork and a plate? Reddit handed me a slice o cake, but 2hrs til it expires and they left me without silverware and fine china needed to enjoy it :(
  2. The wife and I mixed it up a bit last night... We washed the silverware BEFORE the dishes!
  3. Today I quit my job at the silverware factory... I told them they could go fork themselves.
  4. I was going to donate my silverware to Goodwill today, but the wife already gave them to a friend. I have no more forks left to give.
  5. Everyone knows Hillary took silverware, but what did Bill Clinton get from the Oval Office? One night stand.
  6. How do the chinese name their children They drop silverware in the sink and listen to the sound it makes
  7. How do Asians name their babies? They throw a drawer of silverware down the stairs and name it whatever sound it makes.
  8. My grandmother worked in a silverware factory making pronged utensils for nearly 45 years... They called her "Mother Forker"
  9. A Good Dieting Trick A good dieting trick is to use small silverware, and small plates and bowls.
    This will trick your body into thinking it's a small person, thus making you shrink in size.
  10. Why can't silverware go on good road trips? Because every time they set out, they eventually come to a fork in the road.

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Silverware joke, Why can't silverware go on good road trips?

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  1. What's better than good silverware? Good silver here.
  2. I used to live a hand to mouth existence. Then somebody told me about silverware.
  3. I like my women the same way I like my silverware… Plastic and disposable.
  4. My silverware tastes terrible
  5. When sleeping with silverware, always remember... spoon, but never fork.
  6. Who puts silverware in jail? The law enforkment
  7. I was in a portable toilet establishment there was no silverware.
  8. How do Asians name their babies? They throw their silverware down the steps.
  9. What do you call the trendy game kids are playing with their silverware? Fork-Knife
  10. How do chinese people name their kids? They throw silverware down the stairs.
  11. How do Chinese name their kids? They throw silverware on the ground!
  12. How do Asians name their child? By dropping silverware on the floor

Silverware joke, How do Asians name their child?

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EA to donate 50% of profits from future titles to starving children around the world.

After they make them purchase the postage, packing materials, fuel for the planes, silverware, plates, drinking cups, seasonings, construct hand out facilities, eating establishments, refuse disposal, environmental studies on said refuse disposal, labor costs and finally any and all expenses from Frank Gaybeau's c**... induced, hotel filled, 5 figure by the hour e**... stuffed full on satanic o**... fest.

Why did the guy who sat on silverware lose his friends?

Because he became a fork-in-a**...

Silverware joke, Why can't silverware go on good road trips?

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