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Lil Johnny's Sheep

Lil Johnny is walking a sheep through town. The Mayor stops and asks Lil Johnny what he is doing.
"Silly Billy has a boy sheep and I'm taking our girl sheep to his ranch to get her pregnant," replies Johnny.
The mayor thinks this is a bad idea and tells Lil Johnny that this is a job his father would be better off doing.
"Nah," Lil Johnny says, "I've seen dad trying a quite a few times and our sheep hasn't got pregnant yet."

Silly Billy went in a library and said, " I would like to have a pizza."

Librarian - " Sir, this is a library."

Billy goes near his ear
and whispers - " I would like to have a pizza."

Why did Silly Billy tip toe past the medicine cabinet?

He didn't want to wake the sleeping pills.

why did silly Billy tip toe passed the medicine cabinet?

Because he didn't want to wake the sleeping pills.

A blonde comes home from a day of shopping and discovers that her house is on fire, so she calls the fire department on her cell phone.
"Please state the nature of your emergency," says the operator.
"Help! My house is on fire!" the blonde replies.
"Okay, where do you live?"
"In a house you silly billy!" the blonde replies.
"No,no! How do we get there?" the operator asks frustratedly.
"Duh! Big Red Truck!!"

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