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Funniest Silicon Valley Short Jokes

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  1. Mark Zuckerberg's office has the greatest view in the Silicon Valley A view of personal information of 2.2 billion people.
  2. A new men's cologne is in development which smells of electric eels shocking a Silicon Valley giant... Its called Eel-on Musk.
  3. The best perk of my job in Silicon valley is the always fully stocked fridge I just don't get why the vendor gave the food human names..oh well.
  4. What do you call the space between 2 artificial b**...? Silicone Valley......
    I'll leave and close the door behind me
  5. What do you call the space between fake b**... Silicon Valley
  6. How do you ask a Silicon Valley p**... for a h**...? Submit a pull request.
  7. There was a b**... in silicon valley. The event was assumed to have drastic consequences, but... apparently he was just going for a walk.
  8. Shouldn't the p**... mansion be in Silicon Valley?
  9. Why are people in silicon valley better coders than others? Because of their proximity to the {**c**};
    I'll let myself out..
  10. A s**... club in silicon valley should be called Silicone mountain.

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Silicon Valley One Liners

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  1. What do you call Nicki Minaj's buttcrack? Silicone Valley
  2. Q: What do you call the cleavage between breast implants? A: Silicon Valley
  3. What do you call synthetic breast cleavage? Silicone valley
  4. What do you call Kim Kardashian's cleavage? The silicon valley
  5. What do you call cleavage on a girl with implants? Silicon valley.
  6. ELI5: If Silicon Valley seceded from the US would they be considered a developing nation?
  7. What do you call a cleavage in 2017? Silicone Valley.
  8. What do you call the cleavage of someone with breast implants? Silicone Valley
  9. A Silicon Valley Bumper Sticker: My Other Car Is Autonomous... ...but I never drive it.
  10. Where will a pornstar launch her new tech startup? Silicone Valley
  11. Where did Steve Job's wife get her breast implants? Silicon Valley
  12. What's the most popular drug in Silicon Valley? Codeine.
  13. Where will you find a pornstar tech startup? Silicone Valley
  14. What do you call a chicken that works in Silicon valley? Erlich BAWKman.
  15. Why is boobjob expensive? Because silicon valley.

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