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Funniest Signs Of The Zodiac Short Jokes

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  1. My uncle's zodiac sign was Cancer, which was ironic, because he died from being crushed by a giant crab.
  2. What is your zodiac sign? Doctor: What is your zodiac sign?
    Patient: Cancer.
    Doctor: What a coincidence...
  3. I had a friend whose zodiac sign was cancer. The way he died was very ironic... He got was eaten by a giant crab.
  4. The zodiac sign of a friend of mine was cancer, which was very ironic because of how he died. He was eaten by a large crab.
  5. Every Zodiac sign has a haircut . . . Except Cancer (in honor of my dad who lost his hair to chemo!)
  6. Historians have proved that people with every zodiac sign survived the sinking of the Titanic... Except Leo
  7. My cousins zodiac sign was cancer. Kinda ironic how she died. She got eaten by a giant crab.
  8. A kid goes to a doctor. The doctor asks:
    "So what's your zodiac sign?"
    The kid responds:
    The doctor:
    "Oh,what a coincidence!"
  9. My barber is big into astrology, and told me that every zodiac sign corresponds to a certain hairstyle, except for one Cancer.
  10. Doctor: "what's your zodiac sign?" Patient: "I'm a cancer, why?"
    Doctor: "oh, what a coincidence!"

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Signs Of The Zodiac One Liners

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  1. Did you know that every zodiac sign has different hair? Well, besides cancer.
  2. I believe every Zodiac sign has its own signature hairstyle. Except Cancer.
  3. Every zodiac sign comes with a signature hairstyle... Except cancer
  4. Every Zodiac sign has a signature hairstyle For instance, people with cancer are bald
  5. I'm cancer free! Now I'm dating a girl with different zodiac sign.
  6. What zodiac sign doesn't have hair Cancer
  7. Today my dad beat cancer. By the way what is your mom's zodiac sign?
  8. What do the zodiac signs use to pay for coffee? Starbucks
  9. I don't believe in zodiac signs... But that's only because I am a Taurus.
  10. "what zodiac sign are you?" "dinosaur"
    "but this doesn't exist".
    "neither do others"
  11. Thanos zodiac sign Libra, since he likes "balanced" things
  12. Have you heard about the new Web MD zodiac? All the signs say Cancer.
  13. I'm sorry Madam, your child has cancer... his zodiac sign.
  14. How do you speak to a deaf Ted Cruz? Use zodiac signs
  15. How can you ask a Mexican if their zodiac sign is leo? Julio

Signs Of The Zodiac Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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You are so sweet... your zodiac sign caries?

A man goes to the docter

Man: Well doctor, what's the diagnosis?
Doctor: What's your zodiac sign?
Man: Cancer.
Doctor: What a coincidence!

doctor: your test results have come

patient: what does it say?
doctor : but first , what is your zodiac sign?
patient: cancer, but why ?
doctor : what a coincidence !

My wife's zodiac sign was cancer..

..and it's quite ironic how she died really.
She was executed

-What's your zodiac sign?

-But that's not even a real sign.
-None of the zodiac signs are real.

The only two things that Zodiac signs get right:

1.Some people are twins
2.Some people are cancer

I wish every woman in the world had cancer.

As their astrological sign, of course. It'd mean they're my perfect zodiac match.

- Doctor, what has the workup shown?

\- What zodiac sign is yours?
\- Cancer.
\- Coincidence...

Dark humour

\- Doctor, what has the workup shown?
\- What zodiac sign are you?
\- Сancer
\- Coincidence...

One of my friends dates men based on their Zodiac sign.

I told her that she must be a Cancer.

By asking 4 questions i can tell what your zodiac sign is

1. What's your favorite color?
2. What's your mother's maiden name?
3. What's your social security number?
4. What's your birthday?

I hope all girls get cancer

As their Zodiac Sign because that would make the perfect match for me

An 80-year-old man goes to his doctor after undergoing a full body image testing and asks him "What is the result, Doc?"

The doctor asks him "What is your zodiac sign?" Though confused, he replies "Cancer, why?" The doctor turns his head to the man and says "what a coincidence!"

You wanna hear about something ironic? My grandma's zodiac sign was Cancer.

She was killed... by a giant crab.

An astrologer went to the doctor for her lab results.

*Before the doctor could say anything, the astrologer asks* What's your zodiac sign?
Doctor: Gemini
Astrologer: I knew it, Gemini are the most studious of all the zodiac sign.
Doctor: What's your zodiac sign?
Astrologer: Cancer.
Doctor: **What a coincidence.**

Doctor visit

A man went to see his doctor for a physical. As the lab results came in the doctor said, "I have your lab results. Don't mind me asking sir, but what's your zodiac sign?" The patient said his zodiac sign is cancer. The doctor said, "well what a coincidence"...

I broke up with my girlfriend because of Zodiac signs incompatibility

She is a Pisces, and I don't believe in b**....

My thoughts on zodiac signs

Like I don't mind them in general, but I hate it when people bring them up all the time.
So this one time I called my friend and asked him if he wanted to go to the mall with me.
He said, No dude, I can't, I have cancer.