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Did you hear about the trio who invented rounding?

Three significant figures

I mailed my maths homework to Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II said to give my answers to 3 significant figures.

Measuring temperatures to three significant figures is overrated

1 significant figure is 0K

Hey gurl, are you an inaccurate answer?

Because that is one-significant-figure

What do you call a fat chemistry professor?

A significant figure.

A woman was walking home all alone...

It was late at night in a sketchy part of town. She notices the figure of a tall dark man about a block behind her, but thinks nothing of it and continues to walk home. A little while later she checks again and the figure is still there, but this time significantly closer to her, she quickens her pace and continues checking over her shoulder, each time the dark figure closes the gap little by little. She decides she can't take it anymore and starts running, the chase is on. In a moment of panic the woman turns down a dead end alleyway, wherein the stalker knew she was trapped. The figure, slowly approaching the dainty, defenseless victim let out a s**... but grimacing "mmmm." The woman tried to scream, but nothing came from her t**..., she was slowly accepting her fate and slumped into a corner, clinging to the wall, pleading and weeping silently to herself. The would be r**... then threw open its trench coat, revealing tight fitting clothes over a woman's body, and childishly shrieked "Orange you glad I don't have a banana?"

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