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I was straining on the toilet this morning.

"Where's the fucking sieve?" asked my wife.


How do you get a Leper out of a bath?

With a sieve


Hey girl, are you a sieve?

'Cause you've been filtering out all my messages.


I had a friend who had 23 ear-piercings

It was sieve ear


What is the difference between a sieve and a strainer?

You don't get beat up by the jailors for having a strainer in your cell


I've caught you canoodling.

You're really in hot water now.

I can see tensions are boiling.

Perhaps we'd better leave this issue in the pasta tense.

Sieve and let sieve?


When it comes to breastfeeding, my wife is so forgetful.

She's got a mammary like a sieve.


The Pastafarian heretic sealed his sieve, flattened it and declared it a deity.

He is a Pantheist.


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