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Q: What is crazy and walks along the sides of buildings?
A: A walnut.

Q: What is crazy and walks along the sides of buildings?
A: A walnut.

Why did the console player cross the road?

To render the buildings on the other side.

Sided Building joke, Why did the console player cross the road?

Perfect Man, Perfect Woman, and Santa Claus are in a car.

The car goes out of control and crashes into the side of a building, only one survives, who is it?

The Perfect woman survived because the perfect man and Santa Claus aren't real.

Still, just goes to show that even the perfect woman can't drive.

Two guys from the mentally challenged ethnic group of your choice are building a house

One notices that the other is discarding half of the nails that he pulls out of his pouch.

"Why are you throwing those nails away?"

"The head is on the wrong end."

"Don't throw them away, you idiot! Those are for the other side of the house!"

In my hometown...

In my hometown there was a large brick building with a big sign painted on the side of it: Kelly's Tool Works .

One morning everyone woke up to see that someone had painted below it So does mine!

New carpenter

It's a carpenter's first day on the job building a house. The foreman notices that he looks at each nail before driving it, and throws half of them away.

"Why are you throwing all those nails away?

"The head is on the wrong end."

"You idiot, don't throw those away! Those are for the other side of the house."

Sided Building joke, New carpenter

Why did the Egyptians build the pyramids?

To get to the other side.

What's the best side of the house to build a deck on?

The outside

Why did the console peasant cross the street?

To render the building on the other side!

If you factor in Trumps ancestry, his policies make perfect sense.

The German side says "Build a wall!"

The Scottish side says "Well im not paying for it!"

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2 blondes are hammering nails into the side of a garage...

One of them has a problem. She holds each nail in place, but ends up tossing every other one on the ground. Finally she says "Hey, half of these nails are bad - the sharp end is pointing away from the wall!"

The other blonde replied "You idiot, those are for other side of the building!"

There's a woman who gets dropped off at my building for work every day by the husband.

And every day the husband will come out and go to the passenger side to open the car door for her.

Seeing so much love from the husband I decided to ask her whether this has always been the way.
She replied no, it only started two years ago.

I asked "What made him change?"

The woman replied "Change? the inside door handle stopped working two years ago. He didn't want to change it."

I was driving by the prison the other day...

And I saw a midget in a jumpsuit climbing down the side of the building. And I thought to myself, *now that's a little condescending...*

If while building a wood project you find that many of your nails are pointed on the wrong end

Don't throw them away. Save them for the opposite side of the project.

I was walking past a prison the other day, and

I saw a dwarf in an orange jumpsuit shimmying down the side of the building.

I thought to myself, now that's a little con descending.

Sided Building joke, I was walking past a prison the other day, and

A company is building a tower with diffrent floors

The first floor will be a hexagon the 2nd pentagon, ah you dont need to hear it from me, each story has diffrent sides anyways

Told my mother-in-law that she should leaving the building through the fire exit.

Sadly there wasn't a single flame on the other side.

Two blondes are building a house

As they're hammering away, one blonde notices that the other is discarding every other nail she picks up.

Blonde 1: What are you doing?!

Blonde 2: These nails are no good. The pointy part is on the wrong end.

Blonde 1: You dumbass! Those are for the other side of the house!

Little Johnny is walking out after church....

he stops and asks the preacher, "What are all these bricks in the side of the building with names engraved in them?"

The pastor replies, "Those bricks and names are all in remembrance of people who died in the service."

"Oh"' Johnny replies..... "was it the early or late service?"

Two guys are attempting an escape from an insane asylum

Eventually they escape the main building but there are walls around the encampment so they get to a roof to get over the wall, they look at the gap between the roof and the wall and decide it's too dangerous. the first guy says,
Alright, we can't jump across so I'll just shine my flashlight over to the other side and you can walk across the light
The second guy looks at the first guy baffled by what he just said, he replies
What?? Do you think I'm stupid or something?… You'll just turn the flashlight off when I'm halfway!

God vs Satan

In contrast to popular beliefs, Heaven and Hell dont lie above each other, but next to each other.
Because God didnt want people be tempted to cross sides, he came to an agreement with Satan: they would have a wall build and split the bill afterwards.
Ofcourse as you could imagin when the wall was build, Satan plays deaf and dumb when it comes to the bill.
After some time God is fed up with Satan's behaviour and confronts him. "If you dont pay your share, i'll sue you!"

Satan shrugs and laughs: "what are you going to do? I got all the lawyers here"

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