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  1. I used to date this cross-eyed chick We didn't last. We did not see eye-to-eye.
    It's OK though. She was seeing someone on the side anyway.
  2. That awkward moment when your girlfriend and side chick are both pregnant... ...and you realize you have to tell your wife.
  3. Roses are red, violets are blue. If he's busy on Valentines Day... ...the side chick is you.
  4. When my girlfriend found out about my side chick, she asked how I felt about our relationship. I told her I'm having second thots
  5. Today morning I ate an unhatched chick Just to bring any comfort and optimism to everyone, I had the unhatched chick sunny side up.
  6. My friend works in construction and he's the biggest womanizer I know He's got his girlfriend, a side chick and a backhoe
  7. Side chicks are getting leftover Halloween candy for Valentine's Day Why'd you give me ghost shaped candy?
    Cuz you my BOO
  8. Why didn't the man get his side-chick anything for Valentine's Day? She was an after thot.
  9. Roses Roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    man didn't make plans today?
    The side chick is you.

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Side Chicks One Liners

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  1. Since Eve was created from Adam's ribs... That technically makes her Adam's side chick.
  2. I dumped my boyfriend with a lazy eye. Turns out he was seeing chicks on the side.
  3. what do you call it when your side chick tattles on you? A Hotel.
  4. When in high school, I was always a chick magnet... ...the side that repels.
  5. At first I thought one side chick was enough But now I'm having second thots.
  6. What did the married man call his side chick? Bae B
  7. If God made a woman from taking a rib from Adam. Did that make her his side chick?
  8. What do you call your side chick? Dumbledore.
    Because she really is the head master.
  9. Why did the vegan chick cross the road? To get to the other side salad. . I'm sorry!
  10. Chicks by my side, chillin with some grey goose, we so fly Said the duck.
  11. It was a motel where married men would take their side-chicks. A h**...-tel, if you will.

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A good looking woman walks into a bar wearing a tube top.

She raises her hand to signal the bartender for a beer, revealing that she does not shave her armpits.
Meanwhile, a sloppy drunk on the other side of the bar signals the bartender, "Buy that ballerina over there a drink on me."
The bartender replies, "What makes you think she's a ballerina?"
"Because," answers the drunken man, "any chick that can lift her leg that high has GOT to be a ballerina."

A Guy/Gal walks into a bar with an Ostrich/Race-horse

A good-looking young man (or woman) and an ostrich (or racehorse) walk into a bar. The two sit down, order some nachos and wind up drinking a few beers by the end of the night. When it comes time to pay the tab, the (wo)man reaches into his/her pocket and dumps a slightly-crumpled mess of bills and change onto the bar.
"That should cover it." (s)he says. As the (wo)man walks away, the bartender counts it out and to her surprise, it's the exact total of the bill. Looking back up, she sees that the (wo)man has returned. (S)He once again reaches into his/her pocket and pulls out exactly 20% of the bill before tax.
"There ya go, sorry about that." (s)he says.

The bartender asks, "Mind if I ask you about the exact change and the ostrich(horse)?

"You see," (s)he says, "A long time ago, I was an archaeologist. While in arabia, I discovered a magical lamp with a genie inside who granted me 3 wishes. The first, obviously, was for eternal youth and fitness. Second, unlimited wealth- any time I buy something, I just reach into my pocket and pull out the exact amount of money. The third, well, the third wish was for a tall, youthful, long-legged(well-endowed) chick(stud) who would always stick by my side and share my interests."