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This guy goes to a psychiatrist.

The doctor shows him an inkblot and asks him what it looks like. 

"A n**... woman." He shows him another inkblot and asks him the same question.

"A n**... woman on a bed."
Yet another blot, "n**... woman spreading her cheeks." This continues for a while.

"You're a sick pervert!" the psychiatrist exclaims. 
"I'm not the pervert. You keep showing me all these filthy pictures!"

When I was in middle school, my "friends" used to force me to eat vegetables until I almost threw up.

They even started sending me pictures of vegetables on the internet, threatening to make me eat lettuce until I was sick. To this day, I still suffer from the effects of their rampant and traumatic fiber-bullying.

I've come to realization that I'm not very good at talking s**..., so now whenever someone insults me I give them a picture of Bernie Sanders vomiting.

You could say I give em a sick bern.

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